Sunday, November 18, 2012

800: Rip & Shred

When I journal, I pour out my heart on the page and then rip it out, shred it, and repeat starting each subsequent journal session with a clean page full of potential. The process is a wonderfully therapeutic one from which I emerge energized, capable, and more confident. 

As the date of the 800th posting neared it became increasingly clear to me that it was time to rip out the blog pages, shred them, and shift into a different state of being. The blog is not ending. The blog as it was has served its purpose and now it is changing in some yet unknown way. All the pages from before have ceased to exist and all the pages to come have yet to be written.

The edge of the unknown can be a scary place. It can also be one that is filled with potential and possibility and energy - like walking along a lush garden path that curves into the distance. What's around the corner is undiscovered even as it appears fresh and enticing, alive, a call to adventure. To be fully engaged in exploring what is to come, I choose to let go of what was.

I am grateful to each of you who has shared my journey so far and hope that you will stay to explore new paths with me. Perhaps it will only be the personal and internal shift of energy and focus that I feel. Perhaps it will be more externally obvious. Time will tell. Right now feels like the right time for this change and that is enough. I am enough - still me, still sewing, still knitting, still creating art, still writing, still encouraging, still supporting - but more than anyone else supporting me to my best.

We had a good giggle when Vogue put out these pictures last fall and yet V1312 resonates with me. It reminds me of when I was a young girl, running around in the dark playing tag with my friends, standing hands on thighs daring them to catch me if you can. It's a confident, fun loving, strong, energized, out to meet the world head on pose and that's how I feel - like a confident, fun loving, strong, energized woman eagerly moving forward toward the wonderful brush strokes of color that are coming my way. Perhaps it's time to sew that dress and buy me some killer heels! YES YES

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - new beginnings


  1. I guess I didn't get my opinion out there soon enough. I still intend to respond to your email with my perspectives, btw.

    Having said that, it seems that you have come to a decision about how to move forward creatively, which is good. Nonetheless, I will really miss having access to some of your great tutorial posts, which I have bookmarked and which I refer to regularly.

    Can't wait to see the new trajectory of this creative space. I have no doubt it will be enlivening, no matter what turns it takes. xo

  2. Here is a toast to the future. Enjoy the journey

  3. Best wishes, moving on, change, growth, self examination. Sounds good.

  4. Forward!

    JoyceP in WI

  5. Awesome! Another wonderful person who lives and creates on the edge. I love what the image represents to you. Still smiling.


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