Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Toe Up

If you've looked at the comments recently, you may have noticed something new - I can reply directly. YEAH. That certainly makes for better communication. Thanks to Kristin for helping me figure out what to do. I would never have known it was the embedded option to look for.

My first goal yesterday was to get the second sock started and be a toe up in the process before knit night. Once it's finished, I'll bind them both off using the method that Ann linked to and maybe the one that LornaJay mentioned too - one of each to compare results. I learned about a third one at knit night although it sounded way more complicated so I'll try these two first.

My second goal was to redraft the Vogue 1312 skirt ready to cut out. The original plan looks like this. Center front and center back are cut on fold and seamed at the sides. The lower skirt panels are joined into a tube and then sewn to the upper skirt. It makes for some tricky corners. If you followed Sham's tutorial, you'd sew the lower panels to the upper ones first and then stitch the corners. That works better in my opinion. The corners are nicer. 

Sorry for the less than beautiful drawings. With this plan, center back is seamed to allow for a zipper and the lower skirt piece is joined to the upper skirt forming one piece instead of two that are seamed. The waist is divided on the diagonal to the corner of the points and then down to the hem which is pegged to help push the (now slightly curved) points out further.

In the drawing, the side pieces are drafted with a side seam. They could be cut on fold however, this is a heavy skirt and I wanted the stability of the side seam plus the ability to peg it just slightly. I'd vary that option depending on the fabric. The only thing left to check before cutting out is where the seams on the skirt meet the seams on the bodice. If they're close enough to look like a mistake, I'll need to make some adjustments. Ideally they'd match or be way off. We'll see.

Ironically, it was last November when Shams wrote the tutorial for the Tablecloth Skirt. I made three at that time and altered the seams on one of them very similar to what I'm describing here. Apparently I thought it was a good idea then and I think it's a good idea now. Both times, I've been intrigued by playing with the puzzle. The skirt didn't look the greatest on me. There was too much fabric around the waist. Added to the bodice, it's far more flattering although in more of a fun than a flirty way. My husband likes it. My daughter thinks I have more attractive outfits - LOL.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - that I know enough about pattern drafting to make this work while wishing I knew more - an opportunity to learn.

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