Friday, November 30, 2012

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My jeans were getting shorter and it wasn't due to heat since they're washed in cold water and hung to dry. I'd fluffed up and the denim needed to stretch a further distance which raised the hem. Yesterday, I put on my tear them off in ten minutes because they're way too tight pair and wore them all day. YEAH! I'm not sure what happened because I certainly haven't done anything different but whatever it was, it works for me! I have no desire to either gain or lose weight. I'd prefer to stay the size of my pattern collection - especially the ones I've already sewn - and - LOL - a little defluffing gets me back there.

In October, I bought a high quality, very stable, grey knit in the bargain center. It was such a fabulous find that even the woman cutting my fabric wanted some. At home, when I washed it, a stripe appeared. What a surprise. That's never happened before. The image above is of the right side. The reverse has a more subtle stripe. That's the side I decided to use for my next version of the Vogue 1312 dress although considering I've changed the front bodice, the back bodice, the neckline shape, the sleeve, the sleeve width, the sleeve length, the shape of the skirt pieces, and the order of construction, it's more inspired by Vogue 1312 and not exactly like it.

With a knit, I didn't need as much ease in the bodice and took each side seam in 3/8" at the underarm or an additional 1 1/4" in total and...

... eliminated the zipper - LOL - even though I'd already made all the changes to use one. It's not a problem to get it over my head or put it back in. When I next use a woven, everything will have been worked out in advance. This is good since I'm sure I'll sew this again. It's a very fun dress.

The sleeves are from my T & T pattern developed from New Look 6735. With a knit, it made sense to use this pattern since it's already tested. Just the skirt is left to finish. If all goes well, photos of the finished dress next week.

Some weeks are good, some definitely not, and some are absolutely wonderful. This week has been like that. Absolutely wonderful. I've met new people, learned new things, spent time with family and friends including looking at an ultrasound picture of my not yet hugable grandbaby, had yummy food, defluffed into my tighter jeans, and this dress is one of those projects that flows together nicely and is a joy to work on. I should probably buy a lottery ticket.

And yet - even as I enjoy my amazing week - I am aware that in contrast a friend is having one of the worst weeks of her life with the loss of her youngest sister. Life is like that. It ebbs and flows. What's so incredibly difficult today eventually gives way to joy. Thank God. Life reminds us to celebrate - to laugh, to cry, to be grateful, to say thank you and I love you more often.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - my wonderful week

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  1. The dress is going to look great! Glad you are having a good week. We have to enjoy them and make the most of them, because, as you've noted, all weeks are not good.


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