Thursday, November 22, 2012

South Of Pine

My friend and I spent the day talking sewing without any one's eyes glazing over or rolling back. It was great. She helped me with the hem on the refashioned sweater and I picked up more snaps so it's a lot closer to finished.

Within easy walking distance of her house is South Of Pine Street Fashions, a high end clothing boutique. She knows the owner - Shella - quite well and we were encouraged to have a good look around and try things on and I was allowed to take pictures. YEAH ! Snoop shopping is always better with pictures.

The shop is on the main floor of an older house with the sale items on the front porch. While we were looking through those, Shella popped her head out and asked to make us a latte. A lovely touch.

With the grey day, it was hard to get a detailed picture of this dress. It's made from a soft knit and has similar lines to Vogue 1312 although the dress has better shaping for my figure than the pattern, especially through the waist and hips. It is perhaps closer to...

... Vogue 1234, another pattern on my sew list.  The back of the Vogue 1312 pattern envelope is marked appropriate for triangle and hourglass figure types. On the website, it is marked appropriate for hourglass types only. Doesn't matter. I've been dressing myself long enough to know that...

... extra fabric around my hips is not my best fashion choice and I'm old enough to not care in this instance. The design is fun. I want to try it. You never know. BUT... just to hedge my bets... I'll keep working on an alternate bodice with a better chance of flattering. Good and enough.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - It's Thanksgiving in the United States. In Canada, we celebrated in October. No matter the day, even in these tough times, we have so much to be grateful for. My world is a mostly safe and peaceful place.


  1. I do hope you make up V1234 - I have the pattern, and have had every intention of getting to it... maybe in the spring!

  2. One of the myriad of things that I am grateful for is that you did, in fact, continue blogging. I read your blog faithfully, as you always write interesting and useful things. You are lucky to have sewing friends. I look forward to reading about your adventures with the new dress idea

  3. I think fabric choice is going to be a huge factor in that dress working out. It's a lot of fabric around the hips, but something that has a really soft drape will add much less volume than a stiffer fabric.


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