Monday, November 19, 2012

The Re-Introduction

It seemed appropriate to re-introduce myself and create some sort of about page although that leads to the interesting question of what about myself do I want to share?

All of us have roles and we are all more than those titles suggest. Even so, I'm a wife, the mother of three adult children, a mother-in-law, and a grandmother although baby won't make a hugable appearance until next spring. After thirty plus years, my husband still treats me like I walk on water and by now he knows that I surely don't. At the same time as I'm fiercely protective, I'm learning to bite my tongue and to allow my children to live their own lives, their own way. I've learned to stand back and observe instead of organize and instigate and I'm incredibly proud of the wonderful people they've become and thankful every day that I like and love them as much as they appear to like and love me. It's a wonderful blessing.

Friendships are important in an equal and different way. I believe that most everything else in life is wrapping paper and that the relationships are the gift, what truly matters. For me, friendship is a serious commitment. If I am your friend, I am there to laugh in the good times, cry in the tough times, and weather the distance. It takes a tremendous amount for me to end a relationship.

A relationship that - IMHO - gets far too little attention from most women is their relationship with themselves. I have never believed that it's the woman's job to facilitate everyone else having a wonderful life at the expense of her own. My goals, ambitions, desires, and interests are equally important and the space to develop them is what re-energizes me and allows me to be a better wife, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, friend.....

The relationship that is core to all others is my one with God, my faith. I rarely talk religion and bible pounding is not my style. Even so, my faith will be visible in direct and less direct ways because it's central to who I am although you'll discover that I'm rarely rigid and far from typical in how I live it out. I recently read a sentence along the lines that the longer we live the less religion is about rules and the more it is about relationship. Yes.

Like most, I have tried all sorts of art forms over the years and always come back to fabric. It's how I breathe. When I was younger, I sewed everything from lingerie to outerwear and then took a long detour in other directions returning to fashion sewing full time in 2010. The first time around I sewed fashions mostly from patterns in a paint-by-number-ish way. This time around I am more interested in being adventureous and in exploring details - often labour intensive - perhaps even eye glazingly so. For the sweater above, I stitched the fabric with a double needle to create evenly spaced pin tucks before cutting out and sewing together the pieces. It can get tedious but I learn a LOT and then I share what I learned.

I love to learn and my explorations tend to be deep. I'll study all the different methods before deciding on which one to embrace fully or which one to use when. Sewing and knitting are my primary creative outlets although I don't knit nearly as much as I sew. Right now I'm knitting socks, from the toe up, on two circular needles, one at a time, because after an intensive sock study that's the way that works for me.

Someone recently told me that I am innately a teacher. That will definitely show. I was thankful for her comment. It's such a gift when people share the qualities in you that they enjoy. The same person said that she loved how honest I am - VERY.  Several years ago, I did a study about our living legacies, how we are perceived when we leave home or work or ultimately life. As part of the study I was to ask people what the first five words were that came to mind when they heard my name. If you were really brave, you asked not only your family and friends but people who barely knew you or people you didn't click so well with. The point of the process was to determine if you were living the life you wanted to live and leaving the legacy you wanted to leave. Some of the words shared were reliable, responsible, hard working, loyal, artistic, creative, colorful, embraces change, committed, supportive, intelligent, caring, sharing, and funny although that last one may be hard to pick up on since my wit is dry beyond dry relying heavily on tone. My goal is to be all that and more, to be the best me I can be.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - honesty


  1. That's a great introduction post and accurate from what I feel I know of you from the blog.

  2. LOVE this new post! And, did I know you are going to be a grandmother?? Please tell me that's new news because otherwise I'm really doing a bad job of focusing. :-) Congrats on all of these new beginnings. xo

  3. I hadn't worked my way back to the intro in your previous blog iteration, so thanks for this!


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