Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Same Three Inches

Like most of us, I multi-task in many areas of life only not with sewing or knitting. With those, I - almost always because even I detour occasionally - work on one project at a time from start to finish. This monogamous method was my goal one New Year's Eve twenty some years ago after looking around the sewing room and seeing stacks of projects cut out and going nowhere. It has served me well. As strange as it sounds, I'm far more productive working this way although you might say I've gone from being under-engaged in each project to being over-engaged. 

I enjoy projects that capture my mind, ones that have me thinking differently. The dress shown yesterday is like that. I've been mentally sorting through the process, redrafting the pieces, rearranging the sewing order, and coming to conclusions that will make it to paper soon. LOVE THAT. These socks - not so engaging. Once you've memorized the pattern, it's more a matter of knitting from toe to cuff... without mistakes... which is far simpler said than done.

I am absolutely positive that I've knit the same three inches so many times there should be two pairs finished by now. Last night after dinner, I put my jammies on, curled up by the fire, and determined to finish one and start the other before knit night tonight.

The pattern is called Dead Simple Lace Socks from the book Socks From The Toe Up. Each sock finishes with 1" of ribbing only how do you know when you're 1" from the end of the yarn. I guessed - wrong - and after the inch there was still a lot of yarn left so I unravelled the ribbing tying a knot at each end, measured that distance, unrolled the rest of the ball, measured off a distance for casting off and tied a knot, measured the ribbing distance and tied a knot, rerolled the ball, and went back to knitting pattern until I got to the first knot. It worked.

The markers tell me what to do when so I can - hopefully - transfer that information to the second sock. These two tell me to knit six extra plain rows on the toe before starting the pattern.

The third one tells how far up to start the heel which ended up being in exactly the right place although the sock itself is slightly too big. A little snugger would be preferable so I'll learn how to adjust for sizing next as I already knit the smallest size in the pattern.

The final marker indicates where the ribbing started only - as you can see - I need to redo the cast off. The edging is too tight and prevents the sock from being pulled up all the way. Perhaps there's a special sock casting off method. I'll ask the ladies tonight. Right now, I'm celebrating actually finishing one sock - LOL.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - meeting someone new who seems to love creativity as much as I do and in a similar way. VERY fun!


  1. I used this video to cast off the last pair of socks and it is fabulous.

  2. My favourite sock cast off is k2tog, return stitch to left needle, repeat until you run out of stitches.


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