Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Finish Things

Yesterday afternoon, I mostly read. I haven't been feeling well and it seemed easier to curl up with a book than to do much else however...

... I did finish things. All the snaps are sewn on the refashioned cardigan. It's completely complete. It took a month. I replaced the purse frame on the Guatemala purse because any weight - like a wallet - opened the original frame. What are the odds of choosing the one defective frame in a dozen? It took five months to fix. And then...

... I lengthened the strap on a purse made last fall. It was part of The Handbag Project where I turned a quilt covered in my friend's hands into hand bags for my friends. This one needed a longer strap. It took eleven months. When I'm done some thing, I'm done. I don't want to revisit it. I would much rather make a completely new item than repair a previous one - as in sew a new blouse with a dozen new buttons than replace a lost button on an old blouse. I know - it's weird - and I know we all have these weird little idiosyncrasies. I'm okay with this one. There's no harm done.

Another is that I dislike beginning the new year with incomplete projects which means that some time this month I'll finish the teal t-shirt and then everything is done. I do have two others projects that I would like to start and finish before Christmas and I realize that if I don't get my behind in gear they won't be done - only that's different - because that would be the project I'm currently working on and starting the new year working on a piece is a great idea. It's always easier to start as you mean to go on and - among other things - I mean to go into 2013 creating art.

What about you. What end of year idiosyncracies do you have?

I wore the grey knit dress to coffee yesterday morning. It performed beautifully and was quite comfortable to wear which means it will get worn often and most likely I'll sew another along similar but different lines. LOVE when I find a pattern like that.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - finishing things


  1. I don't know why mending and repairing are so utterly unappealing, but I'm with you on that. And on the other hand, it is so freeing to have things done! Elle

  2. Got to 'hand' it to you. Great bag.
    I've just finished a UFO bag and I'm beginning to realise bags helps develop more accuracy in my sewing.
    However, I prefer to mend to get it out of the way and really love making new things.

  3. I understand both your reluctance to re-visit projects and your desire to clean out those nagging undone items. I love the possibilities with new fabrics and new patterns and sometimes the more mundane tweaking isn't as exciting....but ultimately the tweaking is what makes he item usable and wearable!

  4. I hate repairing, hemming, and altering a finished garment. Bleck! Like you, I'd far rather create something new.


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