Monday, December 3, 2012


Saturday was December 1st - the day we begin our Christmas traditions. I decorated the house, hung the wreath on the front door, bought eggnog and Japanese oranges, and baked butter tarts. These are our December only foods, special in a world where less and less is.

I took a plate of tarts to several of our new neighbours who have been especially friendly and welcoming. One began to give me a lecture about spoiling them too much until she realized what I was holding and the lecture immediately changed from you shouldn't in to I love homemade butter tarts. Very fun. It had me thinking about the term homemade.

A few months ago, a women commented that she didn't have any figure issues and was lucky enough to buy clothes off the rack. I'd just shared that I like to sew. Looking at what she was wearing and how it fit, my first thought was I'm luckier. There are a few failures just as with shopping but overall the clothes I sew are more professionally constructed and better fitting than anything I could buy.

I basted the skirt on, took it right back off again, and took the waist in 1" each side or 4" in total. Taking each of the eight seams in a 1/2" lined up the skirt seams with the bodice seams. Another half hour and some ripping and restitching improved the look tremendously. If a person can do even just that to off the rack, they are miles ahead.

With the continuous seam, the skirt points are less bulky and hang beautifully. Taking the skirt seams in moved the points closer together. I think they're better further apart so I'll change that next time. That's another bonus of sewing. The learning and the ability to fine tune and improve and...

... the fact that your dress is unique. No one else's dress will look like yours. YES YES. I'll take homemade over off the rack any day.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - warm butter tarts


  1. The dress looks fabulous! Sculptural and simple at the same time...very elegant. Warm butter tarts sound delicious.

  2. I feel a deep satisfaction when I look at things I've made, even when there are obvious imperfections (and as a result, I worry less about imperfections than I once did!).

    the dress is looking great--it's such a cool pattern!


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