Monday, December 10, 2012

It's My Thing

Both Howard's Mom's and his Dad's extended families have a Christmas get together every year. It's a wonderful idea at a horrible time of year for those of us who live outside the lower mainland with winter's treacherous roads. The families have been doing this for a long time and over the years the numbers have shifted, swelled, and dwindled as life evolves. It seemed like we should make the effort to attend at least one this year. Since they're completely different families, they're never on back-to-back dates. The first was this past weekend. The second is on New Year's Day.

This morning, we woke up to a LOT of snow but luckily on Saturday the morning was clear and bright. The highway crosses through a high mountain pass and there are signs warning of extreme weather changes posted along the trip so you're prepared for just about anything as you enjoy the beauty of the mountains in the distance and the... 

... snow covered trees along the highway. I love this look. It's so very pretty especially in a forest that has been decimated by bug kill over the years. Things are starting to turn around but snow is still a fresh dress, a sparkling diamond tiara.

Not that he hasn't been aware before considering how long we've been married but on this trip Howard had a (nother) lesson in how I shop. Because I maintain a stash and because I rarely need something specific immediately, I almost always buy fabric on sale. Occasionally, I'll pay full price or significantly more for a piece that's extra special, more unusual, or for a celebration. Fabric is one of my favourite souvenirs.  My method works. It keep my stash a nice mix without spending a fortune.

We stopped at three Fabriclands and each stop took less than fifteen minutes. The first didn't have the blue sweater knit. The second had it at the new stock price of 20% off. The third had it in the discount section at 60% off. That's where I bought it.

The middle piece is one meter of a lace remnant for $6.00. It's a very strange fabric that appears to be a knit but has no stretch and has knobby gold bits that look like melted metal and a few random sequins. VERY interesting. I think it'll become a simple pencil skirt that will show off the fabric, go well with t-shirts and sweaters, and look great with boots.

The bottom is a pleated polyester that I first saw several months ago and didn't think to buy until after seeing a bed skirt made from the same fabric in a department store. I wasn't completely surprised that it was still there and - a bonus - it had been marked down an additional 20%. I bought the remainder for $4.00 a meter... to make a bed skirt... since ours was torn in the move. It took seven months to find what I wanted which is another example of how I shop. I have an idea and then wait until I find what I want at the price I'm willing to pay. I'd have bought the ready-made bed skirt if it had been the right color since it was marked down as well.

At the get together, we saw pictures of one cousin's three month trip through "the canyons" as they referred to them. His wife said they often stayed in WalMart or Costco parking lots and because they couldn't unhitch their unit would spend the evenings shopping. My MIL asked if she recognized a good price and her reply was yes, on things she cared about. I could totally relate to that. I can recognize a quality fabric by its feel even if I can't identify the fibre content and I know a good price when I find it - on fabric - because it's my thing.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - safe travelling


  1. Glad to hear you had a safe trip. Did you take the Coquihalla or the old road? We have to make a trip to the coast for the gallery opening in February and kind of dreading it.


    1. We went over the Coq. It had the typical snow patterns and was - mostly - quite well maintained. It worked. Nicer weather going down than coming back.


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