Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pop Of Color

The gift I'm working on is in a color I'm not used to working with and one that I'm not naturally inclined toward. The project has been tough slugging. That may be partly because it's not stitching up the way I'd hoped and partly because I find the color uninspiring. I've been tempted to put it aside and start over and we'll see. I'd expected to be finished by now and well into the next gift and I'm not even close. This is not good. Christmas IS close.

The next gift has red handles. It's for a friend who knows she is getting a purse and has seen the handles but not the rest of the details. Neither have I and - LOL - it could be way after Christmas before I do considering the pace I'm working at but hopefully not. My guess is that it will come together quickly once I get started even though red is not at all my favourite color as it is hers.

My favourite color is a blue based lime like the large beads in this bracelet, a gift from my friend Caroline for my birthday this past summer. I get compliments whenever I wear this piece. Caroline said she saw it in a kiosk at the airport and couldn't leave it behind because it was so me. Yes. It is.

Apparently the 2013 color of the year is emerald green. The picture above is from yesterday's posting on The Vivienne Files, a wonderful blog. I've especially enjoyed the postings about starting with art and about working with a common wardrobe. Both are fabulous examples of how to combine basic garments with accessories to create highly personalized fashion statements.

Since it's mostly black, a peek inside my closet wouldn't tell you much about my feelings for color. For that, you'd need to either walk around my house, look at my art pieces, or explore my jewelry chest including my collection of eye glasses. I really Really REALLY love color.

When you're younger, you tend to believe that once you're all grown up life will flow with ease as if there is some point in your life line that you reach and remain at, a point where you know everything that needs to be known about life and about yourself. I thought that way for a long time until I was listening to an elderly friend talking about wanting to lose weight. That was a topic that had already been around for a lifetime and one I was waiting to see the end of. During our conversation, I realized that I was never going to outgrow the weight issue unless I chose to let it go, a realization that shifted to many other aspects of my life allowing me to choose to explore or to let go of those "issues".

Now, I realize how tragic it would be to actually reach a point of non-growth and how magical it is to always be learning new things about yourself. Last week, I talked about researching me. Since then,  I've been thinking about how I currently dress, the garments I enjoy wearing, the types of garments I'd like to wear more of, and the direction I want to move in. While I haven't cut out any pictures or written anything down yet, the phrase pop of color has repeated through my mind and I've been contemplating ways in which to add more color to my appearance. While the obvious things come to mind - like shoes, purses, and cardigans - the idea that dances the most is jewelry, but not bought jewelry, made by me jewelry.

Almost exactly a year ago, I was thinking about jewelry from a commercial rather than a personal perspective. It's tickling again not as a business but as a way to work with the colorful bits and pieces in the studio and to create one of a kind accessories that will personalize my look in a way that is uniquely me and only mine. There's a reason the phrase - pop of color - is reverberating. Perhaps this is why.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - growth and evolution


  1. ((((Myrna)))) What a thrill to see you mention my blog! Thanks a billion - Janice

    1. LOL - and how fun to realize you're reading mine. Thanks.

  2. You're both inspiring, but Myrna - just gotta say... you always give me food for thought. A big ol' plateful of it, too. Thank you! The whole "researching me" posting and today's words... So much to ponder. I think I'm a few years older than you but have spent less time thinking about the questions. Appreciate the help!

    JoyceP in WI

    1. LOL - you're welcome. Thanks for letting me talk.


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