Friday, December 28, 2012

Sewing Gifts

We were up at 4:45 this morning to get our daughter and son-in-law to the airport on time for their obscenely early flight. It's not even noon yet and by now they have arrived, taken a cab home, picked up their car, picked up their puppy, and are most likely crashed on the couch with half the day left. One has to remain amazed by our ability to move around the world. When you live as far apart as we do, going home for Christmas wouldn't have been a yearly option a hundred years ago. It would have been a once in a lifetime trip. I'm thankful to live in the time of airplanes.

Things that were leading edge new and exciting years ago might be considered old school today... and yet... they're still fun. There's a lesson in that. Over the holidays, we pulled out the vastly out of date Nintendo and all the games and the kids - Howard included - enjoyed playing with them.  I enjoyed the competition, giggling, and camaraderie.

Last night, we played Life - the board game. While I disagree with some aspects of the game - like you must get married - it's an interesting teaching tool that probably flies over the heads of most children. As you move through the game it is easy to see that the career you choose, the salary you earn, and the choices you make combined with the good and the bad that life sends your way vastly impacts the outcome. On the surface, one could conclude that a more prestigious career and a higher salary is important and yet, if you pay attention, it's possible to "win" with less. It makes you think about choices and in particular about choices around issues outside our control and especially around deeply painful, grieving ones.

Things aren't always as they seem on the surface - even with fabric. One of my packages from Howard contained two fabrics and a notion bought from Marcy Tilton. I wish I could show you the original picture from Marcy's site because the fabric is actually BLACK. A short time illustrating a blog and you know for a fact that the camera lies - which can be somewhat comforting at times - LOL. I placed this yardage on my sewing desk, next to the window, with natural light, and took the picture without a flash. Looks grey to me. It's not.

This piece is called Penelope Paisley. It's Marcy's picture and in real life the colors look exactly like they do on my screen. GORGEOUS. This fabric is currently still some available on her site. It has a beautiful hand. I'm such a sucker for paisley.

I looked and looked and looked for this notion at all the fabric stores I've visited in the last six months and couldn't find it. It may be completely out of style by the time I actually sew something with it however... since I was already asking for things from Marcy... I added it to my wish list along with...

... this legging pattern from Christine Johnson. In a recent blog posting - and at the workshop I took with her last June - Marcy indicated that this pattern is simply the best. Almost all of my patterns come from the BMV Club at significantly reduced prices and almost never from an independent pattern line because the prices and the shipping combine to equal way too much which means this pattern is a treat and that's the definition of gift giving in our house - something you want but don't really need. Now to sew some leggings - LOL.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - sewing gifts. It's nice to have support in your addiction!!!!!


  1. I have thought about the ease that we travel a few times. I don't know how parents let their children migrate around the world knowing they wouldn't see them again.

    My brother and husband dug up the old Nintendo at Christmas too. Sometimes they bring out the Atari, but usually they want to play hockey on the Nintendo. It's funny to hear they aren't the only ones.

    1. LOL - exactly. I don't like mine living one province over.

      Mario was the big hit. I'm not sure we even have a hockey game for Nintendo. We're not a play hockey family. Watching how much fun they were having made me think about how quickly we abandon things that work just fine for new things that are supposed improved - and about the Russian rocket that's forty year old technology performing well over and over again in a reliable way that astronauts trust. Makes you wonder why we feel a need to fix things that aren't broken?

  2. Without planes we wouldn't be able to go anywhere; there is the Alaska Marine Highway (ferry system) the only other alternative out of town. No roads out either.
    Next week I get to put my husband back on the plane to his teaching position in western Alaska and of course it is a early flight.
    We had a snowball fight this morning. Lots of fun and the dog loves it.
    Glad to hear you had a merry christmas

    1. A very good friend moved to Yellowknife 25 years ago and for most of that time there have only been certain parts of the year in which you could drive, otherwise you had to fly BUT... just this month... they opened a bridge that makes it possible to drive all the way from my house to hers at any time, something I just might consider at some point in the future although it's a VERY long drive.

      Snowball fights sound like fun. Enjoy the next few days with hubby and all the best in 2013.

  3. Happy new year Myrna! I hope 2013 is a great year all around!

    1. Thank you. And to you. May you feel increasingly settled and creative.


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