Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Red Thread Bag

In this last week before Christmas comes the gift exchanges. I love this extra special time of year to say I love you to my friends and thank them for their friendship. Life is about relationships. As difficult as they can be, there is nothing more important. Not even art.

The friend I met with yesterday is - like me - an artist. She paints in both oils and acrylics. We're the same age, both married with adult children, both expecting our first grandchild. We see this time of our fifties as our time and we're eager to grow ourselves up in new and expanded directions. Her goal for 2013 is to focus on developing her art as a career by doing the work. My goal for 2013 is to completely ignore art as a career and focus on developing my everyday creativity by doing the work. We talked about doing the work.

We have a boy tree this year. Every single decoration was put on by either my husband or one of the three boys - young men - all the while grumbling about how much they hate decorating trees. When they asked, I said no, that I didn't want to put any decorations on because there would be plenty of times in the years ahead when I'd be decorating the tree alone. Instead, I made the appetizers, unwrapped the ornaments, and handed them over one by one while celebrating and appreciating their gift of doing something for me that I enjoy - decorating, being together, celebrating Christmas.

Judith wrote - I was with you all the way on this, reading along, waiting, waiting, for the finished 'zebra bag'. And then you abandon it... talk about a cliffhanger via blogging...

I'm sorry Judith. Cliffhanging never occurred to me. Too funny. I was thinking along the lines of sharing the lesson - to not get upset if your first idea doesn't work out because it's okay to completely change directions. I am ever the teacher BUT... I've kept the painted piece and will see what I can do with it in the future. There's lots of coat left to cut up and take the idea forward with. At some point, I'll have perfected my painting on leather skills to the gift giving stage. I just wasn't there yet.

The friend who is getting this bag reads my blog. She loves gifts and hates waiting. Not knowing what's inside that package darn near turns her inside out so... since she already knows she's getting a bag... I thought I'd hide some of the details so she won't know exactly what it looks like until the end. The line of satin cording separates the main body of the purse from the bottom. It's couched in place with a zigzag stitch.

This is a sample. The red bits are only okay and need more pizazz so I've been sampling different ideas. The pink pearl cotton was just to see if this idea had potential. I like the texture it adds but would need to pick up a darker - than the fabric - red to get the look I want. Maybe.

Speaking of red thread - normally I put all my thread ends into a jar and use them to make thread lace. The mix is typically of my favourites with black. I was reluctant to add red since it's not in my normal palette so I put those ends in a separate red thread bag which prompted the thought that if I separated all the thread colors, they could be played with like paint in terms of layering and mixing... especially for the bead ideas I'm working on... and the felting ones I want to try.

Skor bars are one of my favourites. I'm not sure if they are sold outside of Canada. I don't recall see them in the United States. I've been eating these for so long that I don't actually read the packaging anymore but this one was sitting on the counter the other day and caught my eye and made me laugh. It's "enrobed". How la de da pretentious!

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - men who decorate trees


  1. Myra you are a tricky gift maker and giver! Now I am all in a twist waiting to see that purse!

    Enrobing is actually the term that is used in the chocolatier world for covering stuff w/chocolate. I agree that it sounds silly on a candy bar. I'm thinking that the person who wrote the copy for that label was either 1) a correct chocolatier or 2) a lazy translator who did not consider how foolish "enrobed" sounds in every day English! I live in the US and I have seen Skor bars now and then. I've never tasted one though!

    All the best for happy holidays!

    1. Me too. I've been procrastinating the zipper on the front but it's time to get it over with. Things will move faster after that.

      So Skor is serious chocolate. Hmm... must be why it tastes so yummy.

  2. Ahhh, so the cliffhanger continues!!! (Glad you saw the funny side to this comment). So now I wait, again, will it be the pink pearl thread, a darker-than-the-fabric-red, or ......

    1. Yes... and again today... BUT... I am getting there. It's turning into something I quite like.

  3. Skor bars are the best! I'm not usually big on chocolate but the Skor combination is great!


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