Friday, January 4, 2013

15 Laws & Ten Minute Tucks

Victoria mentioned John Maxwell's book The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: Live Them and Reach Your Potential in a recent posting. It sounded good so I ordered a copy and it's not just good, it's FABULOUS - one of those common sense with a powerful punch kind of books.

I've been working through it one law at a time and just finished the law of environment which talks about making sure that you are in - or create - an environment that facilitates growth. The author writes that one of the ways to judge whether you're growing and in a conducive growth environment is to discern whether you're looking forward to what you're doing or looking back at what you've done. If the future looks dull, routine or confining, you may need to start looking to make changes.

Elmer Towns is quoted as saying if you want to grow then spend time with great people, visit great places, attend great events, read great books, listen to great tapes. That certainly provides a road map but it's not as easy or as affordable as it sounds so I've been thinking about how to create a growth environment in the studio. Ideas include books, online TED talks, conversations with my new friend who wants to meet weekly, study themes, and at least one workshop.

After discussing our financial goals for 2013, I needed to choose between a four day workshop or a three week artist in residency for roughly the same amount of money. I couldn't afford both. The first is in a room full of creative women with highly motivating instructors. The second is a self directed course of study working primarily alone. There is something about getting away to do a self directed study that is meaningful and valuable - in particular the time away from responsibilities - however I mostly work alone in my studio now so I chose the Design Outside the Lines workshop for the creative, motivating, inspirational interaction with other women. I wanted a repeat of the classroom energy that I experienced last year. It was HIGHLY motivating to growth and - with a few twists and turns - has brought me to this point.

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I was going to insert an image of a sweater with a lace overlay in this space only some thing is not working with blogspot and it won't allow me to upload pictures from my computer. Sigh. Aren't computers wonderful - LOL. Is anyone else having this problem and can you help me with the solution? Thanks.

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SO... changing topics without an image to break and blend.... yesterday was mostly taken up with appointments and errands and I sewed in ten minute intervals. It's amazing how many tucks you can get done in ten minutes. The 60" piece is now 46" wide which should be enough for ribbing around the bottom of the sweater. Rather than attempt to describe the direction I'm going in, I'll instead attempt to resolve whatever this image issue is over the weekend and get back to you with real photos.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - computers, both frustrating and connecting

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  1. Great choice with the Design Outside the Lines - I have heard a lot of positive's about it! Very jealous, so you must blog your little heart out afterwards and fill us in...


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