Friday, January 11, 2013

After Seeing The Light

Let's start with an apology for the blurred and not so wonderful photos to follow. They were taken late yesterday afternoon when the light was at its absolute worst in the studio and couldn't be retaken this morning because my son had another dentist appointment, complete with sedation, and I'm not at my desk typing - I'm in the waiting room waiting. One thing to figure out soon is the best place in my (relatively new) home to take pictures. I've never lived with the direction of light that is in this house and I find it rather harsh and hard to take pictures in BUT... at least there are pictures. That's something to be grateful for.

After seeing the light shining through the back with the near fatal flaw, I knew that no matter what happened next the finished cardigan was never going to be as wonderful as hoped for. Nice but not amazing. When a project shifts like that, there's a natural inclination to stop doing our best and to simply get it over with. It's an inclination that I prefer to fight because I don't feel that doing less than my best is respectful of my creativity. I'm not saying there aren't times to walk away. There are. But I think we can walk away too fast and that even when a project is sub-optimal, there are still lots of lessons to learn which is why I hand basted rather than machine basted the lace layer to the knit one.

And it's why I basted the side seams and then was completely annoyed to find that the serger had pushed the intersecting seams out of alignment. With another fabric, I'd have taken the seam apart and re-matched it however, with this one, that would most likely have ended with holes. The more "mistakes" that happen, the more that natural inclination screams - okay, now, will you quit? - but I think it's simply one of those know when to hold them, know when to fold them kind of moments. Nice but not amazing is in essence a wearable muslin and actually wearing a garment provides another learning curve. By continuing I could test further ideas and later - when I make this cardigan again - I'll have a better idea of what to do and what to watch for. Already, I know that I want the lace section shorter and the ribbed section longer.

Millicent is modeling my clothes for now while she's the thinner one - LOL - and when we trade places, I'll take over again. This photo is VERY blurry but you get the idea. The part below the lace is the ribbed fabric. It's the same in the back. The folded line at the bottom is the hem waiting to be turned up. At this point, the cardigan has the potential to wander over into frumpy so...

... I'm playing with different neckline shapes and details. So far, the V is winning and I'm debating how to blend it into the to be added button band. I checked through my inspiration files and found this....

... Anthropologie V-neck with buttons and this...

... Anthropologie V-neck with buttons, both of which are from a few years ago and on both of which the neckline merges into the front and then I found...

... this Peruvian Connection cardigan also from a few years ago. Hmm... doesn't that just make you wonder if I had more than one source of inspiration for this cardigan. Everything we are and do is a compilation of everything we have been and done. So intriguing. Results on Monday.

Thanks for all the fabulous feedback on yesterday's posting. I enjoyed reading the comments. It's fascinating to see how we are the same and yet so individually unique at the same time. If and when I sew the black t-shirt again, I'll be sure to post the how-to. I want to sew it again using higher quality fabric and my improved T & T pattern.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - My weight is bothering me and it's completely my own fault and within my control to correct so I'm doing the work BUT... yesterday...  someone wondered why I was so worried about it because I couldn't possibly weigh more than a number that is actually thirty-five pounds lighter than I really am. It was encouraging.


  1. "Everything we are and do is a compilation of everything we have been and done." Amen to that, sister!
    I love how what you've created is so similar to what you found in your inspiration file. I agree with you on the assessment of your cardigan - a vee neck is the way to go. Have fun figuring it out. The result is going to look great, I just know it!

    1. It has ended up being a rough day so I haven't worked on it so far but did get the collar in place yesterday and it's similar but different from the Pereuvian one. V Neck. Fun.

  2. Great ideas to add to this cardigan - inspirations are just so brilliant! I love picking up little ideas from here, from there, and weaving them into my own patterns. As for the weight, we all go up'n'down, in'n'out - probably why elastic was invented!!!

    1. I'm glad I kept these images because the garments out this year are totally different and I'm more drawn to the ones I gathered last year. LOTS of room to explore.

      LOVE elastic. I decided it was my favourite waist finish a few years ago because my waste fluctuates greatly over a day. Elastic makes things wearable where a fitted waistband was either too big or too small.


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