Thursday, January 3, 2013

Use The Good Buttons

Since the last two Tuesdays have been holidays, the knitting group met last night instead. We went to the organizer's home, had dinner, ate dessert, and spent the evening knitting and talking. Well - to be truthful - they knit and I just talked. The sock I'm working on is way too big and I either need less stitches, smaller needles, all or none of the above. I'm debating fingerless gloves next in my quest to knit items that don't require fitting or sewing together. Perhaps in a ribbed stitch that will stretch to size rather than need to fit exactly - LOL.

My new, wants to meet weekly, friend was over yesterday afternoon. I love getting together with her. It challenges me to have something ready each week to show and tell. Along with the latest Altered Couture magazine and a new textile book, I showed her the little girl coat and pictures of the first version and told her about the three coats for myself that I had muslined in this fabric. And then I offered her the bag of assorted scraps as a challenge and she jumped on it. I'll be intrigued to see what she creates. I doubt there's a piece bigger than a one foot square left in the bag but LOTS of bits to play with. I was done with the fabric. How nice to pass it along.

I'm working with some blue knit lace scraps from my birthday dress sewn last June. The scraps go well with a sweater knit bought at the beginning of December. I have the same sweater knit in grey and purple and always buy more when I see it on sale because I've already sewn two garments from this fabric and know it has fabulous drape and makes the most GORGEOUS tucks. I love tucks. These ones are created with a double needle and tight bobbin tension.

The fabric piece started out 20" x 60". When I'm done tucking it will - hopefully - be wide enough to wrap around the bottom of a sweater like ribbing. I plan to use the lace as cuffs and a button band and I'm not sure how else. That's as far as my thinking has gone except...

... for the buttons. When I travel, I buy more expensive than normal fabric and HOW much are they? buttons and other notions as souvenirs. Sometimes the buttons get used right away but more often they go into stash. The ones in the picture above have been bought over a six year span. While I'm not deliberately avoiding them, I'm not deliberately using them either.

Along with the terrible tragedies we've all seen in the news, the sister of a friend passed away at the end of November and at the end of December, the friend of a friend, the pastor of a local church, died suddenly. My new friend was diagnosed with Parkinson's this past summer. Two years ago another friend dealt with cancer and last year I had my journey with the lump. I thought about these events and about what buttons will I use on this sweater while I was mindlessly stitching tucks. I thought about how important it is to use the good buttons.

Talk soon - Myrna

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  1. Use good buttons indeed!! I love what you're doing with that fabric. V. labour intensive. Which is why I find your knitting adventures so hilarious. :-) I'm making a vintage sweater right now that has to be seamed and, you'd be horrified to know, I actually think I prefer making seamed knits (at least this month). And I'm finally making a sock for the first time (ribbed and using magic loop) and I can't say it's thrilling me.

  2. "at least this month" - I can so relate to that. A few years ago, I was exploring designing my own knitwear and now I just knit to socialize. The ebb and flow of life is so interesting.

    IMHO magic loop is just crazy. Have you tried two circular needles? It's a lot easier to work with.

  3. Some time back you mentioned Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket. Now that I need to make a baby sweater, I've ordered the pattern. I need to find yarn for it, and I hope it is straight forward enough that I can knit it while chatting with a friend over coffee. Thanks for the suggestion. Enjoy your play.

    Lois K

    1. You're welcome. That pattern flips and folds in convoluted ways. Trust it'll work out.

  4. What a great idea for the tucks - I would never have thought about that - it looks great.


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