Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Black, Light, & Pins

My current knitting project uses black yarn, small needles, and little stitches. It was so difficult to follow that I could only knit in the daytime or sitting at the island in the kitchen so I bought another lamp for the living room since it's just a fact that if I'm going to be more of a homebody for the next while, I'm going to need light.

On the packaging, it called for one 150 watt bulb in the top globe and one 40w bulb in the lower globe. Yes. Well. That resulted in going from one extreme to another. That light was blinding - way too bright.

The picture above was taken without a flash and with no other lights on. I've since replaced the 150 watt bulb with a 60 watt one and the light is much better. The lower globe has a gooseneck that can be positioned toward your knitting or reading as needed and away when not necessary. Light is good.

I meant to post this image last week. It's another sewing tip. When there's something that I need to pay attention to - in this case the seam underneath that I don't want to get flipped - I mark it with two pins. As I stitch toward the pins, I know to pay attention and be careful. It's quick and easy.

Besides the party, the weekend took some interesting turns. It was a long weekend. Our first in February as we've been granted a new stat - family day. Mine was mostly spent at home waiting for a phone call. One of my adopted sons broke his leg on Saturday and has been in hospital for two days waiting for surgery. I'm waiting to bring him home and get him settled and on the way to healing. Added to that, my youngest son's car quit in the middle of an intersection late Sunday night. His brother and a family friend helped him push it into a parking lot and then yesterday we had it towed out to Howard's work where it will be safe - for a week - until he gets back from Detroit and can figure out what's wrong. Nice to have a mechanic in the family. Not so useful when he's out of town. Luckily Kyle can now drive his Dad's car.

Today, I hope to finish the lime and black cardigan.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - friends who push cars

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