Friday, March 22, 2013

Favourite Crayon Colors

When you were little, did you love to color? I did. I still do. There's nothing like a fresh set of paints or a new box of crayons to ignite the artist. On this page, Crayola lists America's top fifty colors and the personality traits associated with each. I am such a sucker for these personality tests. I love how they always have an element of the truth in them. I chose my three favourite crayon colors from the front page and then clicked through to the descriptions and here's what they said...

The personality traits of plum are highly creative, spiritual, and introspective. Purple is the most abundant color in nature and many colors are named after purple flowers. Plum - although it was called Royalty on the paint chip - is the color I painted the exterior doors and the Adirondack chairs at my previous home. That first summer, I was thrilled to see that the paint color exactly matched the color of the Liatris which must be why I love that flower so much. Plum is a color I can actually wear as opposed to...

... my all time favourite - lime - which is called Woodland Green on the paint chip and was the color of the walls in my previous studio. Lime is associated with positiveness, success, and energy. In stained glass, the color green represents hope and victory over ignorance and symbolizes happiness and youth. Sounds like a great color to have around especially for a self-directed, life-long learner.

You can see both plum and lime in the textile piece over the dark blue couch in my previous living room. This dark shade of blue is my third favourite color and is associated with confidence, strength, peace, contentment, and security. I was intrigued to read that blue is viewed as a protective color and that in the southeastern and southwestern United States doors are often painted blue to ward off evil spirits. Interesting.

While I was painting trim yesterday, I thought a lot about Seraphinalina's comment that she finds it wonderful to hear me talk so positively about my husband. He's certainly not perfect and neither am I and we've both had moments when even though we love each other, we weren't too much in like. You can't be married as long as we've been without having a few thoughts about whether you're staying or leaving and we've both admitted to that but for me, it comes down to commitment to a man I can respect. Howard is loyal, responsible, reliable, hard working, loving, encouraging, supportive, dependable and numerous other positive characteristics that I completely appreciate especially when they are aimed at me.

When I hear some women talk about their husbands or the situations in which they live, it's like they are owned by another person and not allowed to develop their interests or their fullest potential or even to function independently. And I encourage them to develop a backbone and show some self respect. Many (not all) women are in those situations because they are afraid to rock the boat but this is our one and precious life. I'm not spending mine being anyone but me. I don't ask permission to move furniture, paint walls, cut my hair, or wear certain clothes all of which I've known women to have to ask permission for. I know one woman whose husband chooses her entire wardrobe and tells her what to wear when they go out ! ! ! ! and when I was a hairdresser, it was very common for a woman to say she wanted to cut her hair a certain way only her husband wouldn't let her.

I cut my hair - or not - depending on what I want to do with my hair and I sew my wardrobe - in my studio - and I have always had a studio. It's a priority for me and it's a priority for Howard. If it wasn't a priority for him, he would be forcing me to change from the woman he wanted to marry and that doesn't make sense. If you didn't want me, why'd you ask? I was talking to a woman a few weeks ago who recently built a 3,600 square foot house for just her and her husband. They have a massive master bedroom with a humongous bathroom, an in-door gym, a pool table, a shuffleboard table, a media room below the double garage, two guest rooms, and a study but apparently there is no room for a studio even though she loves to sew. It is beyond my comprehension to build a home, especially one that large, for only two people, that doesn't include a studio and if I tried to Howard would stop me because Myrna without a studio would make everyone's life miserable.

Howard has the garage and a den. He's introverted and once he realized how important a space of his own was, we've included it in every move. He has a motorcycle, musical instruments, and extensive computer equipment. He's heavily involved in a ministry in Guatemala where I won't be going but I certainly support him in the work he does there and while he doesn't have a clue about sewing, he makes sure I attend workshops and that I have the equipment and supplies I need. He's been ill for almost twenty years. He's in constant pain and has extreme stiffness throughout his body and rarely complains and is thrilled with each new birthday because he never expected to see forty, never mind fifty, never mind that he'll be fifty-five this year.

What I'm trying to say is that we both feel that what the other loves is important and we encourage that interest as opposed to try to eliminate it as some couples do. We have a high level of respect for each other that gets us through the tougher times. He treats me like I walk on water and sometimes that's not good for me because a person shouldn't get everything they want. Believe it or not, that has been one of our arguments BUT... I appreciate that he works hard every day to support our life together and treats me with courtesy - like EVERY time we go out together, he opens the car door for me.

I'm often asked why I "allow" him to ride a motorcycle and my only comment is that we've agreed when he can't put his foot down, time's up. Taking his bike away would be like taking my sewing machine away. Not going to happen. Besides, I don't own him. I don't allow or not allow him to do anything just as he doesn't allow or not allow me to do anything. People do not own people. I cannot relate to staying with a man you do not respect and who doesn't respect you enough to support your individuality and interests and especially a man who believes you exist to make his life easier as opposed to mutually supporting each other. Love does not squash the other person.

Some men I know expect their wife to be up at three or four in the morning to make their breakfast and pack their lunch after packing their suitcase so they can head off on a trip. Why do those women get up? My take on that is make your own breakfast, make your own lunch, pack your own suitcase, you're an adult and I am not a slave. I feel the same way about my children. My job is not to do everything for them. My job is to raise them up to be self supporting, independent adults. I wasn't put on earth to make everyone else's life easier at the expense of my own. Besides, love gives you a hug and a kiss and says don't get up, you need your rest, I'll see you when I get back. At least, the man I love says that.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - color


  1. LOVE it! That is exactly how I read your comments about Howard and how I feel too. I can't imagine picking out clothing for someone else every day. Clothing is expression, wear what you want, what suits your mood for the day.

    And purple is by far my favourite colour.

  2. We share the same philosophy. Sacrificing yourself for anyone else never works, ever. You have to accept what folks are, warts and all and then you can build on that. Green, then purple are my favorite colors. I've loved the color green since first grade!

  3. :) I like green and purple. But I also gravitate towards black a lot. And once I painted my bedroom hot magenta red (looks like hot pink).


  4. You are so right!!


  5. You are so right!!

  6. When I bought this old Victorian house a while back, I took quite a long time deciding what colors to use on the outside... my neighbor used to tease me that I needed to put a few more samples on it (there were a lot of samples on it already). I finally decided on the body being a pale peach, the trim (including the gingerbread on the gables) is white and the three doors were deep, dark, purple.
    One of my brothers commented a while later "I really love what you've done with the house, Kathie, but I you should really re-think those purple doors!" This from a man who only ever wears beige and brown...!

    (over the next 10 years, the purple faded and last year I re-painted my doors a deep, dark (almost black) green... I think that brother will approve)

  7. I agree with you about your philosophy on husbands and wives. (so says the divorced and single woman).

  8. i've found over the decades that it's very difficult to know exactly what goes on in a marriage - even one you're in ;) How wonderful that you are so happy in the life you have with your husband, that's one of life's true joys.

    I have physical troubles which prevent me from reliably earning money, but which don't meet the gov't standards for even the small amount awarded to disabled persons. My husband works very hard, day in and day out, at a job which he doesn't really enjoy to put a roof over my head, food in my mouth, and provide the health insurance which is available to me in no other way.

    Damn straight i'm up in the dark every morning to pack his lunch and drive him to the transit stop. I'm happy to wash all his clothes, pick his shorts up off the floor, iron his shirts, etc. This way the time he isn't at work he can do what he wants - and i have time to sew and such myself. Everyone has to work their circumstances as best they may. & I very much agree that people need to look after their own well being in order to be of much use to others. Happy Sunday! steph

    1. Yes... but there's a significant difference between having something demanded of you by a person who thinks they have the right to order you around like they own you and something willingly given out of an attitude of respect, co-operation, partnership, making this marriage work, doing my part.

      I feel the same way especially as it's my husband who is ill and working to put the roof over my head. It's one of the reasons we moved to a condo - so there'd be less work for him - and it's the reason I make sure I do whatever I can during the day so that after work his time is as much about what he wants to do as possible although - LOL - he'd rather do his own laundry.

      While I don't have much respect for men who order their wives around like slaves, I also don't have much respect for women who play all day and expect their husbands to do everything. That's just abuse in the other direction.

    2. Hi Myrna! " but there's a significant difference between having something demanded of you by a person who thinks they have the right to order you around like they own you and something willingly given out of an attitude of respect, co-operation, partnership, making this marriage work, doing my part."

      you put that really well :) it's so fascinating to me how the exact same physical act - picking up someone else's socks, doing the dishes - can either express exploitation or a true partnership built of love and respect.

      I didn't know about your hubby. I hope that he feels better, one way or the other. It stinks to have health troubles. That's a kick about the condo, asi've always been very interested in small/tiny houses for many reasons but being free from all that maintenance is a big part of it!

      heehee, now i'm curious about your husband's special laundry secrets and techniques.... ;) Happy Monday! stpeh

    3. I really do not like to cook although I'm good at it so the assumption could be made that I'd be amazing if I actually enjoyed it but I don't only... I'm home. Howard's at work. So I cook and I try to make it interesting not just the same thing day after day and I make bigger meals so he'll have lunch the next day and I do the shopping for those meals even though I really don't like grocery stores and I clean which is also not my favourite thing but I like a clean house and it just makes sense with the distribution of what needs to be done. Three key functions, not my favourite, oh well. Every "job" has plusses and minuses.

      There's a book called The Creative Woman's Getting It All Together At Home Handbook that was written over thirty years ago. The first time I read it, it impacted me how angry the women interviewed seemed to be about having to cook, clean, shop when really they should be doing their art and who was he to think that they should have to have dinner on the table. It struck me as undeveloped thinking since it was the the start of the women's lib movement and didn't weigh out the part where he works to bring in the income, you work to balance the home, and you both benefit. I get to sew. I'm really Really REALLY good with this.

      Almost twenty years ago, Howard had environmental poisoning which had an immediate impact (amongst which he almost died) and an ongoing impact and is now showing up in different difficulties as he ages but he's alive and we're thrilled). He's in constant pain, like severe arthritis, although he's been going to the gym three times a week since January and that's helping significantly. The silver lining for him was moving into a new position at work that he absolutely loves and is incredibly good at.

      When we first married, he was working as a mechanic so he washed his clothing separately because it was greasy/smelly and said he'd do his other clothing as well and when he changed positions into supervision, he said no, that he preferred to do his own laundry. No secrets. He throws it all in together whatever color and has no idea about hanging things up to maintain them longer but.... it's his laundry and he can do it any way he wants.


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