Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Pattern Collection

Not much sewing is getting done this week. I'm working on projects around the house and cleaning and painting which means it's mostly mental sewing HOWEVER... last night I watched the webcast on fitting jeans. It reminded me of our conversation a few weeks ago after looking at that link of all the different women wearing jeans. This one is really interesting in how Peggy adds a wedge to the back for the longer back length and makes tucks that take out those wrinkles under the butt. The woman modelled does not have a flat derriere but it is talked about and you can clearly see how the inset would become a dart for the opposite problem. By the time I was finished watching, I wanted to try another pair of jeans. LOL - next week there should be more actual sewing but there's a long list ahead of a pair of jeans.

There's also less room in the stash closet already. No... VBG... I didn't buy more fabric. I moved the sewing machine case, my travel table, and six boxes of business and writing related information that were being stored in another area of the house. I'll need to sort through them and decide what stays and what goes when I have more time but until then, I don't like to ooze. I prefer to have everything in one room plus filling up some of those open shelves makes them a lot less dangerous.

One drawer in the filing cabinet was empty and the other was only half full while the pattern drawer was stuffed to overflowing so I switched them. Like the stash closet, this frees up more space so I'll need to be careful not to shop my heart out and instead appreciate the ease with which I can pull out and put back the patterns. It was wonderful to sort them by category again. The top drawer has all the larger, Vogue envelopes as well as children's, nightwear, accessory, and fitting patterns and two muslins that may be taken forward at some point.

The bottom drawer has skirts, pants, jackets, dresses, and tops. Every time I sort through the pattern collection, I'm surprised by a) how many coat and jacket patterns I have (an entire row) since I never wear jackets and haven't sewn a coat in years and b) patterns I can't remember buying or why I bought them. I know some were purchased because I saw a fabulous interpretation of the design on another blog but where? I don't have that information written down although a search at might turn up what I need. I remind myself to look at the line drawings because often they make the pattern far more approachable.

Here are a few of that sparked some creative thinking...

This vintage pattern - V8767 - calls for silk crepe, satin, lightweight woolens, or linen - basically light and drapey fabrics. I really like the princess seam with gathers under the bust and the peplum-ish shape BUT... it's a jacket. What are the odds ? ? ? I've been debating it in a knit for a more cardigan like garment. I think that would look great.

With this pattern - V8588 - I like both the t-shirt and the pants. One of the women I worked with at Fabricland - when I worked there - had sewn them out of a very bright loud print. They looked great but not for me. I like the version in black.

The shape of View A - top right in blue - of this McCall's M6515 pant pattern is very flattering on my figure type and so is the shape of the fuchsia pair. They are wide leg without being really wide legged and - appear to - still have shaping through the hips.

McCall's 6654 is a basic, easy, knit skirt and reminded me of the Magic Pencil Skirt. It's drafted with two variations in a total of seven lengths. View A, the shortest pencil version, takes .60 meters of fabric which makes it perfect for remnants and a knit skirt is such an easy garment to wear. As an aside - I wish BMV would include a picture of the pattern envelope in the available images on their pages. Many times that image is missing and I prefer it to store in my digital files. 

This jumper - McCall's 6396 - is the pattern most likely to get sewn first. Lengthened with tights and a co-ordinating top with 3/4 sleeves, it would be a great summer outfit and perfect for the DOL workshop. It sounds ridiculous to say this since the workshop is near the end of June but I'm starting to feel like I'm running out of time to get my "wardrobe" sewn since I have at least two possibly three trips planned to visit my daughter and son-in-law and then our grand baby as soon as he/she is huggable plus they are coming to visit us the weekend before I leave SO... I'm concentrating on sewing complete outfits as opposed to individual garments. That's helping although my shifting weight is not. It's shifting but not very quickly which could be great for losing it permanently but is not so great for developing a wardrobe. Oh well. What is, is and...

... I have a lot of patterns to consider while waiting. Have you found any surprises in your pattern collection lately? What were they?

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - better organization of patterns and files


  1. that McCalls pattern is cute!

    I don't have any pattern surprises--I really weeded them out a year or so ago. Sold a bunch, donated others to Goodwill, etc. My goal now is to be as realistic as possible. I do keep the door open for selected Koos/Miyake/etc patterns for design purposes...

    anyway, I can see wearing that McCalls pattern to yoga. Would be perfect for it!

    1. Thanks. I don't do yoga but I can see how that would work. I'm trying to be realistic as well and do exactly what you're describing. I have enough classics. If I buy, it's something different.

  2. I can't remember the last time I looked at my pattern stash! I've been working my TNT's too much!

    I can tell you that the wedge that Peggy has you take for the under butt wrinkles does work! I got too impatient to wait for the May fitting on Peggy's yoga pants and decided to start. First, for me, the pattern fit better that any other pattern I've ever tried right out of the envelope. Hard to believe but true. A small wedge out of the upper inseam, a wedge to raise the cb and they were quite good. The biggest problem is that she drafts for someone 5'8" and the knee shaping is really low. I need to do a mid thigh tuck to raise it and widen the bottom of the leg at least 2". In my size it just barely measures a 16" circumference. Much to narrow for my taste.

    1. Do you copy details from other patterns to your TNTs? Not that I have a lot of TNTs but I work between them either copying the details to the TNT or copying the template of my shape to the pattern.

      YEAH - nice to know the butt eliminating tuck works. It certainly did in the webcast. I'm going to sew a muslin and cut it based on my hip measurement as she suggests and mark the waist, hip, and crotch lines and then analyze where exactly does the excess need to be added or removed. I like the way she equated those to the neckline, bust, and waist. It certainly made you see why excess can't be added or subtracted just anywhere.

  3. I sometimes copy details from other patterns but mostly make changes on my own. Neckline shapes and finishes, hem lengths and circumferences and embellishments are some of the changes I make. I snoop shop online for changes I can make to basic shapes and have gotten a number of ideas that way.

    I had a chance to work on the yoga pant today and even though I took the underbutt tuck, which removed the wrinkles, I still found I needed to shorten the inseam because I had fabric bunching up at the top of the inseam. I ended up sewing the flat part of the crotch seam 1/2" lower front to back.


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