Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mary & Terry

Just a quick posting for Mary and Terry to say that I received your emails about coffee and replied but it may be coming from a weird address as I'm sending it through my on-line webhost.

Mary... I'm hoping for coffee and fabric on Thursday night. I sent you my daughter's phone number but if you didn't receive it can you email me yours? Thanks.

Terry... I have your phone number and I'll call if I don't hear from you. I was thinking either Sunday night or Wednesday morning.

AND... for the rest of you... a quick picture and more later.


  1. So glad the hugging has commenced. Enjoy. ;)

    Lois K

  2. Treasured times! Enjoy the cuddles, and all the baby-sewing plans ... J

  3. It was nice meeting and visiting with you Myrna. enjoy your Grandma time!

    Take care,

  4. I think that Grandma Myrna has a new and forever love. Look at her eyes as she communicates with her grandchild.
    This calls for a second cup of coffee! raised in a toast to grandparents all over the world.


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