Monday, April 29, 2013

Not Enough Of A Mess

Later today, I'm going to do some sewing... on my old machine... on the kitchen table... at my daughter's house... and convert those bras. What fun!

My daughter is doing a fabulous job. She's very capable and it's wonderful to watch her confidence grow. Daimon has filled out and grown in just the few short days I've been here. Apparently, I'm earning my keep. Jessica says she doesn't want me to go home yet. That's way better than my mother is driving me crazy - LOL.

I love this picture of my son-in-law - Kyle - with both Daimon and Chloe. We weren't sure how Chloe was going to settle in but after one night of wondering what was going on, she's doing great and seems to worry constantly about "her" baby, checking out the crying and watching the crib.

Daimon had a play date yesterday. His friend is exactly one week older. Unfortunately, he also lives two hours away but...

... it's great for my daughter to be sharing this experience with her friend who is just a little bit more experienced. She has a sixteen month old son as well. LOVE the way Daimon is rebelling and not watching the camera as directed. Makes me laugh.

It hasn't been all babies... I've also done something new... but first the back story.

Last fall, I bought Stacy London's book The Truth About Style and loved it so much that I bought another copy for a friend for Christmas. In the book, Stacy comes across as honest and approachable, two characteristics I really appreciate and - especially since I'm that way myself - I enjoyed her tell it like it is style. Although the women profiled were vastly different, I could relate to parts of everyone's story including Stacy's.

Perhaps because I've experienced it on a very small level, I have a low tolerance for star power and find it annoying when people like Stacy are fawned all over and  placed on pedestals. Why? They are real people with real stories doing - hopefully and luckily - a job they are good at and enjoy. I think she's quite good at what she does and has had some wonderful opportunities that we can all benefit from including...

... the book and her show, What Not To Wear. Since I rarely watch television, I'm quite possibly one of the last people on the planet to see this show. I watched my first episode this past Friday with my daughter and then another two on-line episodes on Saturday afternoon with my sleeping grandson while his parents napped. I can see myself watching more episodes especially as I learned a lot and I liked the commercial free, watch it any time you want, YouTube option.

The episode Jessica and I watched was Squirrely Nerd Gets Fashion Chemistry about a thirty-year-old scientist who had finally finished her schooling and was emerging into the work world. She was both afraid of growing up and had a strong belief that looks, fashion, and being pretty were not compatible with working hard and being smart and taken seriously. Why is this such a common misconception - that somehow we have to choose one or the other rather than both... or... worse... that nature has somehow chosen for us?

If you haven't seen it, this is an episode worth watching, especially the ending. The final images clearly illustrate the confidence that comes from knowing you look your best. You see Lizzie blossom, emerge, and come into herself over the course of the week. She completely changes her opinion about "pretty" and admits there's a whole portion of her brain that is now learning and expanding. YES. We are not all or nothing, beauty or brains. We can be both.

This discussion about the frivolousness of beauty is one that has come up in several variations throughout my life because I've always enjoyed fashion and hair and make-up and think that looking our best is critical to living our best life. It came up when I was a student, a hairstylist, a cosmetician, an interior designer, and currently with my fashion sewing and yet in each of these situations I have seen both with myself and with my clients that feeling good about how you look and the space you inhabit grows confidence and confidence is always attractive. Why should we settle? If we're buying a coat... or even a couch... why shouldn't we buy the one that resonates with us, the one that co-ordinates our inner and outer worlds?

When I read the book - and again when I saw the show - I thought about how much I would really Really REALLY enjoy a makeover of this caliber. I don't imagine I'm alone. While I have learned a lot from reading and from my own experimental journey, to have someone who truly knows what they're doing help me - hands on and in person - to determine the best styles for my figure and my fashion personality would be fabulous never mind that I'd love to see myself with a haircut and make-up that truly flatters me. I think we all have a more beautiful woman inside yearning to be explored and revealed. I would love to know that I am, at that very moment, as beautiful as I could be and then take that feeling and that learning forward ONLY... I'm not the kind of person who gets picked for this type of show. Aside from where I live, my daughter says I'm not enough of a mess. I'll take that as a compliment BUT...

... can you imagine looking through the Vogue pattern magazine with Stacy at your side? What about fabric shopping? How fun that would be. Sigh. Wishful thinking. Bet I'm not alone. I read that sales of sewing machines have skyrocketed since the Great British Sewing Bee first aired. LOL - maybe there will be a sew your own make-over reality show some time in the future.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - sleeping babies and the hope of summer. It's supposed to snow tonight!


  1. Oh, what a sweet baby. And the pic of both babies together is precious!

  2. I also love the pic of your SIL and baby with Chloe. One of many to come!

    I haven't watched WNTW for years, though when I did, I watched it regularly. To have someone with all that experience would be fantastic, I'd be lined up for a makeover too!

  3. I think if I were you I would get "not enough of a mess" tattooed somewhere on my backside. Or, maybe get it tattooed backwards so you could read it in the mirror!

    I also love the picture that documents Baby's First Playdate!! Congratulations to you all.

  4. My husband enjoyed watching WNTW with me. He said it was a "Cinderella" story and that's why we liked it. :-)

  5. I have never seen WNTW, but would like to. I can relate to the nerdy scientist. I am in my 50's so was a grad student and young scientist in the 70s and 80s. There was an extremely fine line between looking good and being taken seriously. Women scientists were critisized no matter what. We were too masculine or too feminine. I never did get it right and am still trying. Part of the problem was that girly clothes were just not practicle and safe in the lab, especially the shoes. I will have to take a look at this episode.
    So glad you are enjoying your family and new grandbaby.


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