Wednesday, April 24, 2013

To Help And To Hug

My daughter asked if I'd sew her a Moby wrap. I had no idea what it was however there's a detailed tutorial at this link and in the end it boils down to a strip of fabric roughly 21" wide by 5 yards long. If you use knit, you don't need to finish the edges and if you use cotton, you do.

Although Chloe thinks this is her fabric, and gave me that what do you mean it's for the baby look, I had a black with white cotton batik in stash that was perfect... especially as I'd looked at it the week before and wondered what will I make with this? I'm not overly fond of matching motifs and these would definitely need to be matched.

I ripped the fabric in half, serged, turned and hemmed the edges, and gave it a press. I made two in an hour. The fabric was $2.50 a meter in the bargain center last year. Five meters. Two wraps. $6.25 each. If you buy a wrap, they range radically in price. This one is $140.00 for organic cotton. I'm not sure my cotton is organic. I'm not sure I believe that any cotton is truly organic. BUT... I'm using stash and this is good.

At the bottom of the tutorial is a comment made by one woman wishing she was crafty. Making this wrap is not rocket science. Use a knit and all you need is scissors. I saw this all the time when I was teaching - fearfulness. The fear of making a mistake or of getting it wrong stops many people from even trying and it's through the process of trying, experimenting, seeing what happens, getting it wrong, correcting, improving, and ultimately growing our skills that we learn. Allowing fear to intrude holds us back from some amazing creative journeys. Put one step forward. Try. The world will not stop turning if we mess up a bit of fabric and even then we can take it in different directions. 

The baby hands and feet fabric is flannel. I used this exact print to make a receiving blanket and crib sheet for my daughter and bought yardage for a sheet for grandbaby only the mattresses today are much deeper and the fabric is not wide enough. Instead, I sewed two more receiving blankets and two burp cloths AND...

... two more New Look 6735 t-shirts in a black wool jersey. That's four t-shirts in three days that fit fabulously - the positive benefit of all that fitting shell work AND of following up curious questions and trying "it" to see what happens. It is DEFINITELY worth the work. No fear necessary.

This morning, I'm packing and then on off to help my daughter and son-in-law and to hug grandbaby in person.  Regular postings will start again around May 8th although there may be a posting or two in the middle with a little bit of Grandma gushing and possibly some fabric finds. They live between two Fabriclands and both have great bargain sections.

After two weeks away from my studio, I'll be desperate to sew again. I have some knitting packed as well as black and white supplies to convert a regular bra into a nursing bra. You can't find flattering nursing bras in my daughter's size and it is - IMHO - important to feel good about how you look. Jessica (my daughter) has the sewing machine that I gave her when she moved out - a VERY nice Janome - so we'll haul it out of the closet, give it a little workout, and make-over a few bras. I've tried to pack whatever I thought I might need since the sewing bug hasn't caught my daughter... yet... I still have hope.

If you're in the Calgary area and would like to get together for coffee, send me an email at myrna (at) myrnagiesbrecht (dot) com. I'll be near the Chapters close to the corner of McLeod Trail and Southland in South East Calgary - quite close to the Carriage House Inn - and between two of the Fabriclands. I'm planning to go out for a bit in the evenings to give them some family time. I'd love to get together and chat sewing.

Talk soon - Myrna

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  1. Lots and lots of grandbaby hugs!

    I've wondered about people saying "oh I wish I could sew". Um, no, you don't. You are opting not to sew (or whatever activity). I am not saying everything is easy about sewing, but it is not physically impossible for them to put fabric through a machine. They just don't want to put the time into it, which is fine. But don't say you "wish you could" as if you can't. I don't know how to knit, that doesn't mean I couldn't if I tried.

  2. I think a lot of fearfulness, as you call, it is actually a fear of failure and you can't say you failed at something if you never try it!

    Isn't it a wonderful feeling to know that you can whip out a top and be happy with it when you're done? I call that instant gratification sewing. Especially gratifying after working on fit for a while.

    How I wish I was close enough for coffee but I'm all the way over in New York!

    Enjoy your time with the new grandbaby.

  3. I know that fear only too well. Right now I am learning how to perfect my quarter square triangles so I can enter the Hoffman Challenge with an Ohio Star top. To date every square looks worse than the last one.
    Second cup of coffee and Myrna's blog. What a wonderful way to spend retirement.
    Karen W. in S.W. Ohio

  4. Blogger is not letting me reply but I can post another comment so...

    Seraphinalina - I agree. Sometimes we say we wish we could and we really mean we wish you could make the time and find the energy for that learning curve. Sometimes after wishing long enough, we actually get there.

    Debbie - One thing I've learned in life is that everything boils down to fear and in particular the fear of rejection. Our number one need is for acceptance. Our number one fear is of rejection and the fear of failing plays right into the fear of failure. It's a fabulous feeling to have figured out the fit. I wish we could have coffee too. New York is on my wish list. Maybe someday.

    Karen - remember Press for Success. There's magic in that pressing plan and the interlocking seam allowances. They can do the work for you. GO GO GO - you can do this.

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  6. This: "The world will not stop turning if we mess up a bit of fabric..." Thank you! I need to write it in large letters and put it on the wall of my sewing room.


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