Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Thinking Companion

When my friend phoned last night to see if we were on to sew, my reaction was oh... right... it's Wednesday. She laughed and we had a discussion about how many days we need for the holiday after the holiday before life returns to normal. She likes four or five. This must be part of aging. In the past, I remember popping from one thing to another just fine and now, it takes time. I haven't caught up with that change in my life. I still think I'm going to walk through the door and hit the ground running. Hmm.... not.... but...

... I did hit the knitting. It seemed the easiest thing to do and I've been working on this teal scarf FOREVER. The one before it was knit in a few days and this one has taken months. It was time to be done. I knit on the front porch. I knit on the living room couch. I knit in the studio. I knit until...

... the end of the ball. This tiny little bit will go in the stash of cut bits for making thread lace. The scarf still needs blocking. It's the least disruptive to do that on the dining room table. Tomorrow. Tonight, the boys are home for dinner and then Howard is having the mechanics team over for a final meeting before they leave for Guatemala. Wet yarn would get in the way - LOL ! ! !

The quilt shop in town is owned by a woman I've know for years, right back to when we were having our children. We both got a chuckle when I walked in looking for thirty year old fabric although she thinks she may have some of the red in her stash at home. I didn't need much, just something for narrow strips between the blocks to blend them together with a quilt-as-you-go method. I want to butt the batted squares and maintain the largest size possible as well as eliminate the bulk of seaming batted squares. Fabrics today are well away from calico. This blue was the best choice. I washed and dried the cotton... and my laundry... progress.

This afternoon, I'm getting my hair cut and I'm super excited. Whenever I see a woman with incredibly well cut hair, I ask who her stylist is and when that name comes up several times, I try to get an appointment. With this stylist, the first available appointment was in three months. It's been painful waiting. Not only does my hair need cutting desperately but it feels old and ugly, like hair does when it needs cutting desperately. I'm anticipating a fabulous hair cut and a possible change in style. I'll be intrigued to see what she - Janelle - suggests because...

... for my fashion personality, hair is a huge component of our look. I thought about that yesterday along with shoes and bags. From the perspective of investing time, money, and energy, I am far more likely to focus on my hair and make-up than I am on shoes and bags. Perhaps, it's an evolution and I'll get there eventually but don't hold your breath. I think there's something realistic about saying it's never been of interest and perhaps it doesn't need to be. It's something similar to how I always wear make-up but I never do my nails. Short and clean works for me... for now... and when it doesn't, I'll do something different. It's all baby steps.

Knitting is a fabulous companion to thinking so I had plenty of time yesterday to contemplate the jeans, skirts, t-shirts, cardigans, and necklaces of my uniform. The more I thought about it, the more exciting the idea of edging up my day-to-day look became. Most of my life is casual with the occasional dress-up event. There are two this year - a wedding in August and a Christmas party in December - which means...

... the majority of my energy can and should be spent on casual clothing. In some ways, that feels like a revelation and in others, it feels like a conformation of previous thoughts. Do you find yourself cycling through thoughts and realizations again and again before they settle? AND...

... how fun that we can sew our wardrobe. The jeans that look best on me are wider legged. I can sew those even though they are hard to find in the stores. The waistband that would flatter my tummy doesn't have a button at center front. I can sew that. The tops that would flatter my figure fit at the shoulders AND the hips and I can sew that... and in the fabrics I love... and the colors that flatter... with the shapes, and details, and proportions that work for me. We are so lucky we can sew and I love how after almost forty years of sewing I am still excited about that fact. YES YES. 

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - getting my hair cut today


  1. Good luck with the new stylist. I have been searching for the "right" person to cut my year for so long. Have considered doing it myself, but can't get to the back to see and cut...what is thread lace? You have me curious...Anna H

    1. LOL - I have cut my own hair but then I used to be a hair stylist. It's doable with determination and a 3-way mirror although some cuts are way easier than others and the details of texturing are hard to get right. More of a tide-me-over move.

      Thread lace is made from bits and pieces of left over thread or yarn with a soluble stabilizer. I'll look in my picture files to see if I can find some older ones to show you otherwise, I'm planning to make some soon and will document it then. Soon being a relative term.

  2. Thanks Myrna, I am always looking for ways to use up little bits of yarn....Anna

    1. Didn't realize I hadn't responded yet. Enjoy the method. It's a lot of fun and works great with bits of yarn and thread and fabric and netting. Great combo making potential.


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