Thursday, June 6, 2013

And Buttons

When I told Howard about my day yesterday, he said it sounds like you got a lot done and maybe I did, it's just that my before you leave on your trip list is a mile long and I don't seem to be making it fully through any of the today's to do lists.  Which means I feel quite behind. I've started prioritizing but what has to be done first due to deadlines.

On Saturday afternoon, I'm hosting a baby shower for my daughter. The food is organized, the décor has been decided on, and since I hate shower games, we're not doing that. I've counted chairs and there are enough for those who have RSVP'd and we'll figure it out if more show up. After that, I expect my grandson to provide the entertainment.

Part of my gift wasn't ready. It needed sewing together as in the knitting kind of sewing together which takes hours as opposed to minutes. And buttons. Nineteen in total including my coat. My daughter reads my blog so I'll show the full pictures next week. Love red buttons on grey. The pop of colour is always fun.

This one is a combination of teal alpaca yarn with a variegated wool/nylon blend sock yarn. I had barely enough of the sock yarn but I did get to the end and that's all that counts. The buttons have a copper-ish tortoiseshell look.

My coat has fuchsia buttons the exact colour of the lining. Now that I've realized I dislike clutter on my body, one of my goals is to bring the lines and punch of my textile art pieces into my clothing. Actually, that's always been a goal but now I'm seeing how to do that more clearly. I'm drawn to simple lines which means there's no place to hide. It's going to be fun to interpret that in creative wearables.

Before the shower, I'd like to hang up the painting I received for my birthday as well as two others that have been sitting and waiting. I think they'd look great in a grouping on the wall in my studio near the work island. I've photographed four configurations. Which do you prefer best? There's a poll at the side so you can vote. The poll is over when I have time to hammer. Above is one...

... and this is two....

... and this is three

... and this is four.

The woman who painted the café scene is coming to the baby shower and when I phoned to tell her how much I liked the painting and that it was going in the studio, she said she'd like to see that when she was over. That's a good kind of pressure. Normally, when I move, I'm completely unpacked and settled within a week. This time, it's been over a year and I still haven't hung up pictures. I want to do these three and a few others before the shower. VBG - apparently I need more company (pressure).

There's a posting writing itself in my mind about transitions that I really want to share with you only I don't have the time to put it together right now. I'm excited that my work seems to finally be coming together and moving in a desirable and me direction and I'm thrilled that after a really Really REALLY long time in the "valley" it appears that I'm - finally - climbing a hill again.

YES YES YES ! ! ! !

All I can say is that I have tremendous empathy for those of you dealing with grief in any format and I am MUCH better equipped to deal with it the next time it comes around in my life but what a learning curve - LOL.

This is going to sound like a broken record but I still need to sew on the snaps under the buttons, attach the sleeve hems, and put in the shoulder pads. I'm hoping to get to that today but there's a few other things in line first including wrapping shower presents, juggling and stretching the paycheque, and celebrating. It's our anniversary - 32 years. When people confuse which comes first - my birthday or our anniversary - I tell them that we got married on the first Saturday after I was legally old enough. That does the trick. I want to shorten the lace dress from a few weeks ago to wear to dinner. After trying it on several times, I think it needs to be about 2" shorter. And I need to shower and look all pretty. And...

... clean the house for tomorrow when our daughter, son-in-law, and grandson arrive. Unfortunately my son-in-law has to go home on Monday but ... happy news... and one of the reasons why I'm trying to be super organized... my daughter and grandson are staying an extra week and leaving the same morning that I am. My list of priorities looks something like prep for shower (a small phrase for a lot of work) clean house, groceries, pick up toiletries and stuff for trip, make design board, define projects to work on, start putting aside packing, check for missing supplies, and... and... and... Either way, 5:30 a.m. on Saturday the 15th, I'm getting in the car and going. It'll all work out.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - the guest room and shower gifts are ready


  1. Option 3!!! That looks best :)

    Have fun at the shower! Can't wait to see the finished gifts.

    1. LOL - three seems to be winning the vote. We'll see what the wall wants.

      When I showed Howard the "gifts" he asked if I had whipped those up. Too funny. Nope. Nothing is whipping up at the moment.

  2. Number 3 Also!!! Happy Anniversary! :) And Have A GreaT Shower Party :)

    1. Thanks and thanks. I woke up to a love letter by the coffee pot. He knew exactly where I'd be going first. That's one of the fun things about being married forever.

  3. I vote for 3 as well - but see what works on your wall with windows, furniture, etc. Whatever suits you is what is PERFECT. What a busy, exciting time for you. Good luck with your lists - hopefully we'll both get through. I've an "off" morning before my boy's graduation ceremony and hope to get a few house "to dos" done....thus giving me more time sewing on the weekend.
    Happy belated birthday and Happy Anniversary!

    1. I think I'm leaning toward a less traditional setting but as you say, it depends on how it translates to the wall.

      It is VERY busy right now. That's okay. It'll shift. Good luck with your lists and enjoy the grad ceremony. Way to go Mom. That's a lot of work getting them through to that stage.

      Thanks for the well wishes.

  4. I also think that # 3 is the most balance arrangement of your fun paintings

  5. While number 3 is the first configuration I preferred, depending on placement, large on the top to small, in a column interests me. Working through grief, this I know. I have struggled ever since trying to get the "connection" back. I keep looking for a spark. A work in progress, much like any creative journey, finding the correct medium and translating that to your own style is the key. I think. I so admire your work ethic. Entering another phase in life, being a Grandmother, is a great joy. Hope the visit and shower go without hitch and your trip is all you wish it to be.

    1. OH... I'll try that one. Only the top half of the wall I want to put them on is visible from across the room so it may or may not work. The wall is (sort of) behind the work island. I can see where you're going with that idea though and I like it.

      Grief is definitely an interesting journey. I know what you mean about the spark. It's a major celebration when you feel it again, like finally coming home to yourself after a long journey. And then things start to click and there's an inner giggle.

      My work ethic comes from my ancestors. Both my parents and their parents were all hard workers and I imagine it goes back further than that. So does workaholism so it's always about balance. That word haunts me - LOL. All my children are well respected for their work ethic. I'm proud of that.

      Grandmothering is fun so far. Howard and I get to look after him on Saturday night while his parents go out to celebrate their 6th anniversary. What fun. We may need to walk around the complex and show him off - LOL. It would just be wrong to keep him to ourselves don't you think?

  6. I'm going to be contrary (there's a surprise!) and vote for "other" :-) I think they would look really nice in a column, smallest to largest, with smallest on top.

    Happy Anniversary to you and Howard :-)

    1. LOL - yes they do only not on the wall that I want to put them on. It's 5' wide. I'd need another really big piece to go beside them... and maybe I'll make one... and then we'll see... but not for a while so...

      Thanks for the anniversary wishes.

  7. Happy Anniversary!

    If I could gift you with some extra time I would. I know when I have long to do lists I sometimes feel like I'm spinning my wheels and getting nothing done even though I'm crossing things off! Sounds like you feel the same.

    1. Oh - and I'd graciously accept. Thanks for the thought. I'm getting there - LOL


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