Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Just Play

Today is our last full day of inspiration and conversation. Not much tangible work is getting done on my part but there's a whole lot of thinking and processing going on. Perhaps it's part of the aging process or the maturing artist process or both but I no longer want to sew until midnight or even in a workroom situation. I prefer to absorb the inspiration, take it home, and work through the learning curve in my own space which means my mind is buzzing with ideas for later.

I had two goals this year. One was to learn about stamping and stenciling. Above, I've added blue and silver stencils to a strip of the hand dyed knit that I'll now turn into cording to use as a second "chain" along with the...

... knitted "chain" which I decided was too one-dimensional so I dabbed it with a  bit of black paint - and over dabbed - and had to rinse out - and am now waiting to dry - and have decided to finish at home - LOL - although I may knit another length today in case this one can't recover from my oops.

The other goal was to learn how to piece fabric from fabric in a flowing, more three dimensional way that's a step up from the flat piecing I've done in the past. I've made a start and again would prefer to work on this at home.

Diane has several large pieces of fabric made from fabric that she encouraged me to play with and drape over the mannequin. As you move the fabric this way and that, it begins to speak to you and images appear that are very exciting to work with and hard to describe. What I recognize is the energy. I call it not knowing. It's the one where I'm creating a mystery object that is slowly revealing itself choice by choice.

Stencilling and stamping are not new to me. I've done them before. Neither is making fabric from fabric although this flowing way is a new twist to work through. The difference now is that I'm ready to add these elements to my work, to make time for them.

The common denominator in everything I've learned is play. I won't get better at stamping or stenciling or making fabric or draping until I spend a lot more time stamping, stenciling, making fabric, and draping. And I want to. Another important part of our maturing process - I believe - is giving ourselves the time, space, energy, and supplies needed to create and permission to simply go into the studio and play. You don't have to make anything. Just play.

Talk soon - Myrna

- a playground


  1. You don't have to make anything. Just play.

    LOVE IT!! Do you mind if I borrow these words and post it in my sewing room?

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Myrna! I posted it on my blog under inspiration as well (with due credit ofcourse).

      Sometimes the fear of the outcome is what stops me from even stepping into my sewing area. Your words - You don't have to make anything. Just play - have taken that factor out for me... It`s just sad that as adults, most of us forget how to play anymore.

      You don`t know how much I appreciate this post of yours.

    2. A few years ago, I cut up a tablecloth into twelve equal parts and then used two each to make a purse - six purses in total. Of all the possible first steps, I could explore six. On each of the six purses, there were numerous possible second steps and I could only explore one for each purse. And so on with all the other steps. I grew up in a one right answer and don't get it wrong atmosphere. This project really highlighted how there is not just one answer; there are endless answers. We can't possibly explore every path HOWEVER by doing something - one thing and then another - we can explore many paths. You go girl!

  3. I love the pants you're wearing in today's post. Wondering if you blogged them?

    If I were there I would take a gazillion pictures for an inspiration journal at home.

    I appreciate your reports on the DOL vacation, and look forward to seeing the evolution of your jewelry designs.

  4. I get my best ideas from goofing around. We all need more play time

  5. Libby - the pants are Vogue 8712 lengthened with the zipper front eliminated. I made them last July so they were blogged about in the section I deleted. VERY comfortable, fun to wear, interesting lines, easy to sew.


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