Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Only For You

I woke up at 4:00 this morning and after a half hour of trying to get back to sleep turned on the fire, opened the windows to the morning light, made a pot of coffee, and stayed in bed reading my study, journal writing, praying on paper, reflecting. Sometimes when we're travelling, our regular routines go by the wayside. I find I have a much better holiday if I maintain "me" time.

At lunch yesterday, one of the women shared that the first time she heard Diane speak, she just sobbed because she knew she'd never be that creative. It wasn't like that for me. After listening to Marcy and Diane share in the opening session, I felt weepy because I know I am that creative and because I want to bridge the gap between where I am now and what I'm capable of creating. 

Last night, I didn't feel like going out to eat or being part of a group and instead had a picnic on the porch. What you can't see in the picture above is the stream tucked into the long grass. Its lovely musical sound mixed with...

... the wind in the pines was soothing and peaceful. My gift to myself this holiday is space. I'm not sharing a room and I'm taking as much time as I need to be alone. I sat and reflected on the day and on my conversation earlier with my husband. You would think at my age that I'd have learned by now not to make plans. I still do but luckily, I have also learned the importance of flexibilty.

A message I received yesterday was only for you. The words were clear; the intent not so clear. It could mean I am to create only for me in the sense that the final product is to be mine or it could mean that I am to create only for me in the sense that I am to follow the tickles of my heart and ignore any other issues... like selling... or exhibiting... or pleasing others on any level... or making money or... Howard's take on it is for me to focus on what I want to learn and create and see where that leads and to let go of any other thoughts. It's so wonderful to have that support especially in light of the fact that his union is taking a strike vote on Wednesday.

My big ah ha of a few weeks ago - that I dislike clutter on my clothing - has clarified directions for me as have my thoughts around transferring the ways in which I worked with textile art to creative clothing. Things are clicking. That's exciting.

Above is a scrap of the very dull grey fabric used a few months ago to muslin blouses. I've added shades of black lines by stamping off the edge of a torn sheet of paper. Next, I'm going to learn about stenciling and then decide if more layers will be added. And then... after that... I'll learn how to piece fabric from fabric, a method Diane uses extensively and one that is reminiscent of my textile work. Hopefully - if all goes well - the end result will be a garment of some kind.

I've started to ask myself if this was one of my art pieces what would I do next? The answers are interesting. With this particular piece, I might keep the developing fabric monochromatic and then add punch to the seams - like lime green top stitching. It tickles. We'll see.

In between talks and demos, I started knitting the yarn made from cut up yardage. I'm creating a five stitch I-cord and the knitted length is firm and slightly spongy but not stretchy. It has possibilities for jewelry even as I am once again wondering what making jewelry will mean in my life.

A few people commented that they saw my purple lace dress on Marcy's blog only I was sitting down. Here's the full view. I had Gayle take some pictures Sunday night and she had me laughing so hard that my face is red. I didn't know I only colored from the neck up - the things you learn about yourself - LOL. You can also see my I'm mostly happy with it new hairstyle.

The dress feels wonderful on and received a lot of compliments. This is the pattern I brought along in case I feel like sewing another dress. It's a lengthened version of Katherine Tilton's Vogue 8691. I added 21".

Talk soon - Myrna

- even though I don't know the destination, I know that God is with me every step of the journey and that I can move forward with confidence. I'm intrigued just as I'm unsure what only for you means but I know that it is both healing and empowering.


  1. The dress looks fabulous, as does your smile. Have a wonderful contemplative trip and I look forward to seeing what you bring back.

  2. "Only for you" is a lovely thought. As women, even with grown children, it's easy to get lost. Taking time, doing things "only for you" is a way to stay connected to God, and to yourself and your creativity. I love this thought. Healing and empowering - yes.

    The dress looks great on you. Have a wonderful time on your holiday.

  3. Hearing about your experience at the retreat is a real gift... and I had noticed your new haircut in both the pictures here and on Marcy's blog... I like how it looks.

  4. LOVE the new haircut! Opens up your face, lets the happy you shine.

  5. The new haircut and dress both look great!

    My thoughts on your takeaway of "only for you" has to do with your recent posts about jewelry making to possibly sell. Make the pieces that appeal to you and not try to guess what somebody else would want. If you like it so will somebody else!

  6. Yay, Myrna! Thanks for sharing your journey. The dress looks great and I'm interested in seeing your pieced fabric.

  7. You look great Myrna. Haircut really suits you and purple dress is smashing. Glad that you are having a good time.

    Terry (in Calgary)

  8. Thanks for the encouragement everyone. It's much appreciated.

  9. I love what you did to that Vogue top pattern.

  10. Great great great! personally, i love seeing your dress on the hanger, sitting, AND standing - it gives a better vision of the garment 'as it is lived' (which sounds pretentious, but.....i don't know how else to put it!). Your personality really makes your pieces pop! and i'm taking notes on your torn paper stencil - simple and brilliant. That'd be a fun way to make funky stripes, too. Yum!

    These retreats sound so fun - roomfuls of equipment and stuff to play with, people with brains full of techniques and experience to pick - but the theory stuff scares me. Having to make a creative statement or inspiration board - um, i like to make stuff? (face becoming red). Keep having a great time, we are rooting for you from down here in the SF bay area and thank you so much for taking the time and effort to share your experience with us, sweetie! steph

  11. Steph - LOL - I'm happy to put my garment through all it's paces for you.

    YES - the torn paper is a great idea for stripes. I also bought a stencil of Diane's that has a torn paper like image along the one edge. It'll be more durable.

    This group has been a good mix... which I'm glad for... since it's Marcy's last one. It's very low key. The statement/board were only if and what you wanted to make them. I basically cut out images that appealed to me, that I felt told my story at this time.

    "Just" liking to make stuff and being interested in yummy details would be all you needed to enjoy. It's a group of makers. We all want to make more and have fun.

  12. Only for you reminds me of the old Crosby Stills and Nash song, Our house. I've always loved it.

    1. I remember that song. It was great.


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