Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Photographic Evidence

The most adorable baby in the world has spent a good portion of the last twenty-four hours screaming his head off... with style of course... and volume. I attribute this not to a lack of co-operation on his part but entirely to the double serving of espresso crème brulee and the two hazelnut lattes his mother has consumed and shared - LOL.

My son-in-law left for home yesterday morning, the car loaded down with shower gifts and this Janome G1212 sewing machine that I bought to replace the heavier, older model I'd previously given my daughter. It's a simple, easy, mechanical machine, great for a beginner and part of the Janome Shop At Home program that allows you to buy a machine at substantially reduced prices and have it delivered to your home or local dealer.

Yesterday, Jessica cut out the front and back pieces of McCall's 6494 in a light weight denim. If his little highness allows, this morning we'll look for fabric with a suitable applique subject - like a monkey or tiger - that could also be used for trim and/or a hat. I'm trying not to be too gushy but WHAT FUN! This is the first time my daughter has sewn since her high school sewing class. It's been a long wait. Her mind was already thinking in creative details. Loved that. And I have photographic evidence that it happened and is not merely a figment of my imagination.

Half of the right front is finished on my friend's grandbaby's sweater. This is the last piece to knit, then sew shoulder seams, add sleeves, add collar, block, sew up side seams, and finish with buttons. Hmm... there's a LONG way to go. I'll attempt to finish this piece today and we'll see what really happens.

This is something that hasn't happened in the studio for a long time - an order from my wholesaler. The white boxes are thread, the grey ones are Clover Silk Pins (the best), the bolt is of soluble stabilizer, the white package is of a sticky soluble stabilizer I want to sample to see if it's worth the extra expense, and the black package is a fusible knit interfacing to trial before ordering a bolt.


I'm enjoying visiting with my daughter and grandson and at the same time I'm looking forward to leaving for the Design Outside The Lines workshop. Four more sleeps. There's something amazing about getting together with other creative people that sparks ideas and gets "things" going. My creativity grew so much during last year's workshop and a HUGE AMOUNT in-between. Last year, I went searching for a sense of direction and this year, I have greater clarity and an awareness of the work to be done when I get back to the studio. That alone is enough, absolutely fabulous, because life has looked a lot like this graph for the past long - long - way too long - time. HOWEVER ...

... if you could climb down into that hole (which we'll fondly refer to as last year's year from hell) you'd see that the arrow is finally pointing upward. Last week, I proposed an exhibit to the local gallery called Around The Neck to be comprised of scarves, wraps, and necklaces primary made from textiles and embellishment. If they go for it, it'll be the push I need and if they don't, I'll look for another opportunity. Although it'll mean changes to how things operate in the studio, it's time. I'm - finally - ready to do the work and that's a really exciting energy.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - that sleeping babies are so adorable it makes up for screaming babies


  1. Isn't all that so exciting? Well, except for the crying baby part... One of the few benefits of spending a lot of time in the bottom of the hole is that you sure appreciate it when things look up!!

    1. Yes. It is. It's also interesting how I can be fifty years old before I figure out that I work in this as opposed to that way. At least it's not boring - LOL.


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