Thursday, July 4, 2013

Over & Under

My favourite boutique in Vernon is just around the corner from my friend's house in a rural setting. We can walk over, look around, and walk back the other way and get our exercise at the same time. Typically, we talk about the details we saw on the way back. Love that.

The shop carries many of the same pieces as the boutique in Salmon Arm although this owner is far less in your face which I appreciate. It's hard to enjoy details when you're constantly being interrupted with designer info and sales stats and it bothers me that telling a client the piece is popular is a sales tool. For me, it works opposite. If this is the most selling item in the store, I'm not interested.

The White House Design Company has a line of clothing called Simpli that's made from high end, gorgeously draping, knits. I downloaded a few of the pictures from the company's website There are numerous knit mesh garments with lace or pleating details that are designed to wear over or under other garments. They're beautiful only I'm not the type to buy a $120.00 overlay for an equally expensive under garment. With four pieces, the garments in the image above are well over $400.00. That's never been me.

Knit mesh is hard to find. Beautiful lace trims are even harder. Lorraine and I talked about that and I wondered about creating my own edging using thread lace. I have a LOT of ideas for thread lace. I need to sit down and play with them. Perhaps next week when Barb is here.

In the Spring 2013 collection is a series of garments with pleats. It's interesting to observe how the designers played with a theme making long and short versions of each of the pieces in the collection. It'll give you some ideas for series work if that interests you. They even have a formula that is supposed to help us dress Simpli. LOL - I'm not sure it works for me but their clothes are gorgeous.

I really liked these pants. A lot. They reminded me of Marcy's out of print Vogue 8637 with even more leg detail. Lorraine said they were my style. Fun.

IMHO, the details are both the fun part of shopping and the fun part of sewing. This top was in another shop in Salmon Arm that is quickly becoming a favourite. The owner is intrigued by the fact that I sew and shows me things from that perspective. These simplified godets are a detail that's showing up more frequently. It's a rectangular strip that's serged into a slit. It reminds me of a shirt placket. The long edge of the rectangle is equal to the length of the opening while the depth forms the drape. The shape of the rectangle can be manipulated as desired.

Mixing knits and woven fabrics has become increasingly common. A lot of the garments look like they were dyed later but some are a combination of different fabrics. This dress has a knit top and underskirt and a woven overlay. The collar - which you can barely see - is knit with a raw edge flipped and tacked occasionally. Yesterday, I saw a blouse with princess seams in the front only. The back and the side fronts were knit and the center front and collar were woven. All the buttons were different. LOL - I probably should have taken a picture of that one. I had my camera with me but...

I think this embellishment is called grommet tape but I'm not sure. It's a twill tape with metal grommets regularly spaced. The tape is not bias so small tucks were used to shape it around the curve of the seam and it was used on the sleeve and the pocket detail. Bagged pockets seem to be popular as well.

Before I start sewing any clothes for me, I want to work on the alphabet book for my grandson and the coat with his name on it. I'm still debating which pattern for the coat so that project is stalled for now and - LOL - he's not quite big enough yet anyway. 

BUT... before that... I'm cleaning house today and this time I actually mean it. I have to. I have company coming - VBG.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - a fun day away


  1. On what planet is "lots of people have bought this" a sales pitch for clothes?
    Something like electrical goods maybe - this model is popular = other people have chosen it after doing their research, have recommended it.
    Not clothes!

    p.s. Nothing like company coming for getting the house cleaned :-)

    1. Surprisingly, I've heard similar comments often. I remember a few years ago that I wanted to buy a lime green purse at one of the local shoe stores. When I took it off the shelf and up to the cashier, the girl said oh, that's just our floor model and went into the back and brought out a plastic wrapped, flattened and shrunk, ugly looking, version and then said this one is so popular, we've sold tons of them. I handed it right back. Not interested - plus presentation is important.

      The house is clean. This is good.

  2. I agree with almost sounds like car sales! However, some interesting pieces and details. I really like that top (I'm a basic bottom, funky top kind of person). I know I have enough knit pieces to play around...might do that this summer.
    Lovely picture of your family! Good luck with the house-cleaning - try some good music, that sometimes helps me!

    1. The top had some really gorgeous details. Lots of little touches that would be fun to play with.

      The "kids" had a whole bunch of photographs taken when Daimon was about a month old. That's one of them. Of course, he's much bigger now but still little.

  3. It is grommet tape that they used and can be purchased by the yard here in the states. Let me know if you want some. I would be more than happy to pick up some for you from the Garment District.

    1. Thanks for the offer Carolyn. I'll check here first and let you know if I can't find it.

  4. Great design ideas from the clothes you've shown! Thanks for sharing. Can you explain in more detail how the godets were constructed? I can't seem to wrap my head around it and it sounds like something I'd like to try, too. Thanks in advance.

    1. I put some diagrams and info in today's posting. Let me know if you need further details. Have fun experimenting with this.

  5. Myrna, I discovered Simpli this spring in Ann Arbor, and came away with pants that look like a skirt. LOVE them! and they look ever so good on me (I never had so many compliments from my fiberarts friends). The lace pieces that you shared are very pretty, indeed, and yes...$400+ is too hard for me to swallow. Maybe Christine Jonson patterns can help? :)
    p.s. Love your gratitude piece every time. For me: Grateful—Myrna.

    1. I bet those pants make you feel like a million dollars. They are an absolutely gorgeous line of clothing. I'm making some lace today. It'll be interested to see if it can be incorporated into any garment.

      Grateful-Myrna - thanks so much. That's very touching and much appreciated.


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