Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Dress Code

Our home is on a high hill and faces down into the valley where the rivers meet and where there is a large city park. On Canada Day night, there are fire works in the park that we can see from our balcony and we're so high up that we look down at them. It's a completely different perspective, one that's still beautiful but not nearly as awe inspiring as seeing all those colors shoot up into the sky high above your head and rain down in sparkling trailers.

I think that's where I'm at. I have a different perspective on a once beautiful sparkle and I realize that without a flame there can be no fireworks. Thanks so much for the support and encouragement in the comments. It is much appreciated. I don't know if this current path will work out. It really depends on if I can handle the scents but I definitely want to give hair styling a try since it's something else I once enjoyed. If it does work out, great. If it doesn't, it'll be on to a new plan that moves forward.

On Saturday, I spent the day in Salmon Arm - a town just over an hour away - with a friend and along with Fabricland, we went to several clothing boutiques and home décor stores downtown and to two thrift stores. The first thrift store was having a sale - all you could stuff into a bag for $3.00. We shared a bag and I bought four items for $1.50 - although now - in retrospect - that seems a bit cheap. We could both have afforded a $3.00 bag - we just got sucked into the sale - VBG. That's the pile on the right.

At the second store, all women's clothing was $1.25 a garment. I bought the four items on the left for $5.00 although you can't see the black with purple striped pair of pants. It's tucked back into the pile. None of the garments fit me. I didn't even try them on. They're all starts - now washed, dried, and waiting in the stash.

The school that I'll be attending at the end of the month is right downtown Vancouver in a very showy, lots of boutiques, high fashion area of the city. It has a dress code that reads - as fashion is subjective and individual, we require that students look professional and fashionable, with the following limitations...

- no denim (jeans)
- no runners, sneakers, or athletic shoes
- no flip-flops
- clothes must be in good repair, clean, pressed, no holes or stapled hems
- clothing must not be too tight or revealing
- clothing must look professional, not too casual
- no athletic wear, this includes Lulu Lemon yoga pants
- hair and makeup must look professional and be done prior to class

- keep jewelry to a minimum

LOVE it! I know there are all kinds of opinions about dress codes but I think they're fabulous for stating expectations and a dress code is not a uniform. In the case of this school, they have an internationally, well respected reputation to maintain and a dress code is part of doing that. This one is not discouraging individuality; it's encouraging professionalism and self respect although I have every expectation that I'll be under-dressed since my small town is not high fashion. I'll worry about a wardrobe when I know where I'm working.

Although I'm looking forward to getting dressed up and going out - both with school and later with work - I doubt I'll sew any new clothes for the first class since it's in three weeks and more important than what to wear will be getting my body in some kind of shape to handle the classroom. I'm not used to standing nor using my arms for eight hours a day and I remember when I went to work at Fabricland several years ago that the first few weeks were excruciatingly painful. I practically crawled to the car my feet hurt so much. SO...

... this week, I'll go for a half hour walk every day and next week, I'll start walking for an hour. I have some light weights so I may carry them around too starting next week. Just in case. Not only will walking help to get me in shape for school but - PLEASE GOD - it'd be nice if it helped me keep off those ten pounds I keep losing and gaining back.  I'd really rather work on the next ten - VBG.

Today, I'll be standing and working with my hands all day. I'm off to a friend's house to stamp, stencil, paint, and play with surface design. Pictures (hopefully) tomorrow.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - a motivating factor to exercise


  1. You go girl!
    You are so proactive towards the future that I can see that again you will succeed.
    Karen W. in S.W. Ohio

  2. What Karen said!

    And oh yeah, the physical adaptation phase....good that you can see it coming.

    1. LOL - I still remember how painful my feet were when I started at Fabricland. Very ouch. I don't want to do that again if I don't have too. My walk this morning was hot. Good thing I went so early.

  3. As a teacher (Home Ec - NEVER sit down - something could burn! VBG) GOOD SHOES! I'm a fan of Rockports myself....but anything with decent support and a good sole between you and the hard floor might help. I will say I LOVE that dress code. I might "borrow" it. I often mentor student and beginning teachers and find that I often have to have the "professional dress" conversation.
    I SO HOPE that the course/scents don't bother you.
    Have an awesome day!

    1. Thanks. I'm just getting my things together to head off and play ... which reminded me to grab the camera. I'll check out those shoes. I have some excellent ones from Good Earth as well.

      Explaining proper dress for all sorts of occasions seems a much needed skill in today's culture. It sounds so judgmental but I'm often shocked by what people wear because it's both disrespectful to the situation and to themselves.

      Have you been able to create a flow for summer yet? Having fun?

    2. Well I've lots on my sewing table - both for me and commission (bridesmaid's skirts). So I'm hoping to be sewing lots every day in July (deadline of July 27th). Other than that, I just want to be kind to myself - rest, relax, get my house in order so that I'm ready for the next school year in September. Had some health stuff (peptic ulcer) by the middle of June due to work and life stress. That's mostly dealt with but it was a draining month. Glad it's gone. I've spent a day "hanging" out with my teenage boy in celebration of my birthday. It's been fun and relaxing - something we both need. Just about finished a birthday top for myself (Scout T). A little undecided about it....but it's a cute pattern and could work well for my Fashion Studies students in the fall. However it's perfect for the hot humid weather we are having right now in Alberta!

      I agree with you about dress. Peter (Male Pattern Boldness) has written about dress and what people wear out. I had a conversation recently with someone about it as well...and it is a little amazing and surprising (horrifying) what people go out of their houses in. Now sometimes I'm dog-walking first thing, so I'm a little rough, but if I'm in a public place, I try to be all put together...and yoga wear as day-wear just drives me crazy!
      Well a hem to get to - stay well!

    3. We really REALLY need to listen when the body tells us to slow down. The next "issue" will be worse. Take care of yourself. Relax. Have fun. The older I get, the more I realize that we need to take LOTS of time for fun.

      Did you post pictures of the top somewhere I could see it?

      What people wear can be quite interesting and it's amazing how emotional and wide spread the differing opinions are. That's why I think a dress code can be positive.

    4. I don't have a blog but took some cell phone pics to send to my Mom..will send them your way as well.

  4. Hi Myrna - Of all the blogs I follow, yours is my VERY, VERY favorite, and this last week was lonely and long without yours! So glad to get to "visit" with you again - and more often than once a week! You're always an encouraging and inspiring part of my day.
    Hope everything works out wonderfully in your new career path. Know you'll do a great job, and if I'm ever in Canada, I'll call about getting a trim!
    Take care.

    1. What a lovely compliment. Thank you. I missed the blog as well.

      I hope everything will work out well with hairstyling as well just as I'm aware that it might not but I'll deal with that if and when.

      LOL - let me get some "practice" before you come for your trim. What fun that would be.

  5. I like that dress code, especially that first sentence. Nicely worded.
    If I may make a recommendation - comfortable shoes! Dansko Professional plus foam inserts worked wonders for 12-hours shifts on my feet.
    Good luck with school - I hope it all works out the way you want.

    1. I thought that first sentence was fabulously worded as well. Thanks for the well wishes. I'll check into the shoes.

  6. I admit to a few chuckles at the "no stapled hems"! I had a former acquaintance tell a story about his carpenter wife--after they were married, he brought a torn shirt to her for mending. She handed him a stapler. In other words, "if you want it mended, do not bring it to me!" The story still makes me smile.

    I think your plan for walking and carrying hand weights is a good one. Good luck!

    1. Good for her. I have strong opinions on "women's work". When we got married, I told my husband if he wanted to make my lunch and wash my laundry, I'd be happy to do his but otherwise we were both adults. He now prefers it this way. He gets what he wants.

      I'll definitely be walking in earlier in the day with the heat and it's a nice way to begin. Thanks for the encouragement.


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