Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Marcy Dress

Yesterday suddenly got busy. My friend Caroline called to say she was in town but because I'm leaving last night was the only night we could meet for coffee. My day was already crowded and suddenly got more so. I didn't get everything done and what did get done was hair straight back. Oh well. That's the way it goes. I did finish the dress.

Overall, I'm pleased with it - Vogue 8876 by Marcy Tilton. I'll make some adjustments for next time but they're mostly fine tuning. After checking my stash and the store, I chose fuchsia buttons that matched the color of the top stitching. There were two other choices that I really liked and in both cases, the button was too big and while there was a larger version, there wasn't a smaller one. I won't complain...

... well maybe just a little... LOL... because we actually have a fabric store and I know they are disappearing all over the place but the selection is so limited. This button was available in one size only. It would have been nice to vary the sizes somewhat but I do like the pink path and it's not overwhelming in person.

Our garage doors are white which is a great background for pictures only the sun is on the front at night and the images looked squinty and over-processed so here is the shoeless tree view with the... LOL... very white legs. I may need sun but it's not likely to happen.

The back view looks slightly stretched even though there is plenty of ease and the pleat is hanging straight. It could be the fabric. I'll work on that for next time as well as widen the sleeve hem. That's a measurement I'm still trying to figure out - the width that will be just wide enough to not catch on my arm and pull up and not so wide that it's unflattering. HOWEVER... for a dress I adjusted and then sewed without trying on during the process, I think it turned out fabulous. I'll definitely sew this again.

This morning, I'm on my way to Calgary. I'll be stopping in Golden for coffee with a friend and should get to my daughter's late afternoon. I'm looking forward to spending time with her and her family. I have my laptop to read and post except that whenever I'm using my laptop, I don't seem to be able to reply to comments so I'll have to answer through posting a comment of my own for the next week. I have several blog postings forming in my head and hopefully will have time to write them otherwise, I'll be back next week.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful -  that using my fitting shell to alter patterns has been worth the effort and will be worth the effort of fine tuning it ever so slightly more.


  1. Myrna - it looks great - beautiful and fun. I think it suits you!
    Drive safely and I'm looking forward to our "meet-up" in Calgary. Enjoy your time with your daughter and her family.

  2. Myrna, fabulous dress! I like all those artistic touches. The buttons look just right in the full body picture. Enjoy your time in Calgary.

  3. That's A Lovely Dress Myrna.. Love That You Use Pink Buttons For It... :) Have A GreaT Time In Calgary!

  4. Love the dress, Myrna! It looks great on you, and it looks like a fun pattern that I will have to make. I hope that you have a wonderful time with your little grandguy! Barb G

  5. Great dress and it looks good on you. Have a wonderful time in Calgary with your grandson.

  6. ah, Myrna, you hit the sweet spot on this one :) i especially love how unfussy and natural this dress feels - nothing overdone, nothing overthought, just flattering with little surprises to reward the attentive viewer. Just Wonderful! heehee, and it's a lot harder to hit that sweet spot than it looks ;)

    oh, have a great time visiting your family! and give that little fuzzball a snorgle from me please. and just a thought - for me i find a slippery slip (silk usually) helps cotton and linen dresses hang more nicely. Otherwise fabric can get 'stuck' on me underthings. (!) have a great day, & high five on the dress! steph

  7. What a great dress! I totally agree with tinyjunco's comment about the "sweet spot". Pink buttons are wonderful, too. I would be tempted to shorten the sleeves a bit for me, but that probably is because it's too hot/humid to wear ANYthing here!!

    JoyceP in Wisconsin

  8. This dress looks great on you, Myrna. It looks comfortable to wear, too.

    Enjoy your trip to Calgary and time with your daughter and new grandson! (oh, and the son-in-law and doggie, too)

  9. Looks fabulous and the pink buttons are a great touch. I think colorful buttons are really working for you! Love all the seam detailing. Can you show us some more detail shots of the finished dress?

  10. OH Myrna! It is SO cute! I love the pop of pink. Well, I love pink anyway. It looks fantastic on you. It's cute, summery, and will go with anything, anytime of year.

    I made a version of this in batik quilting cotton and I love it. I put the cap and long sleeves in. Now I want to make a version w/o sleeves or more vesty. I also didn't add the bottom band and it's a nice length on me.

    Thanks for blogging. I like reading your stuff. :)

  11. This is just brilliant! The pink burst down the front was a great style idea. You will get a lot of wear out of this dress.

  12. Yay, you finished it! I hate to be a lemming and say just what others have already observed, but the pink buttons are absolutely perfect. Just the right touch of girly fun to take what could be a rather somber dress firmly into arty whimsical territory. The back is just as lovely and flattering and interesting as the front. Seeing your photo of the collar with the drawstring makes me inclined to include that feature on my own dress--I wasn't so sure about it before.

    Happy travels!

  13. Thanks so much for all the encouraging comments. It's a fun piece and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I want to try it again in a linen.


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