Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Crow Routine

August 1st. Can you believe it? It's feels like the year has barely begun and yet the calendar is halfway through summer already. Many bloggers have already started sewing their fall wardrobe. Strange... and maybe a good idea. If I started early perhaps I wouldn't forever be playing catch-up - except - reality is that putting too many rules and should haves on my sewing agenda is a sure fire way to grind everything to a halt so... I'll continue with the crow routine and chase whichever shiny object most catches my attention. So far, it works. I am dressed.

Behind those purple doors is my fabric stash. Like Mr. Dressup's tickle trunk, it's full of possibility. Too much at times. With my recent polyester spandex scare, many of the synthetic scraps I'd been saving for zero waste sewing didn't make the cut and have gone to scrap heaven although I did keep any natural fibre and pretty lace pieces.

Above is the closet to the left and below the closet to the right. By combining boxes and piles, I think I've managed to make it more useable. I hate when I try to pull out a fabric and instead end up pulling over a pile. They - the piles - are somewhat sorted by season and fabric type but only vaguely.

The boxes at the very bottom are business related and the three below the basket on the left are knitting supplies. I debated moving those to another location but then decided I really didn't need that much empty shelf space to fill up with more fabric finds. I do have a lot of fabric and there is still some empty space. Other than the scraps, I didn't get rid of any fabric which tells me my choices are getting better and better. In previous closet cleanings, there has been more turn over. This is good although I'm now very aware of the percentage of my stash that is synthetic and I'll be leaning more and more toward natural fibers.

The elastic is redone on the zebra pajama pants. This time, I used the traditional method of stitching a casing and threading the elastic through since it allows for adjustments. Instead of too loose, these are now a bit snug. That's okay. The crotch depth is much better and the amount of ease is roomy without being extravagant. Now to try sleeping in them - VBG.

The especially observant reader may have noted in the first picture that the Pfaff is out and the Bernina is back. I couldn't handle that machine. It was way too different from what I was used to and rather than learning new tricks and then learning new tricks again when I trade it in, I decided I'd rather work with the Bernina's current idiosyncrasies until the new machine arrives. Chris - the repair man - thinks all that might be needed is some solvent as he had to "de-gunk" it the last time. Hmm... that could have been me... with that bottle of sewing machine oil... making things worse not better. Sigh. I'll take it in asap as time and sewing and finances allow.

Today - sorting the pattern stash. If you're like me, you keep ordering more special patterns on the every other minute BMV sales and then you put them in the stash along with the special patterns from previous orders and forget you have them until some blogger some where sews the garment and prompts your memory. As I go through the drawer, I'll look for one of those "why haven't I sewn this yet" patterns and maybe it'll be next.  How about you? Want to pull one out? Which pattern is it? Will you sew it? When? How about now?

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - a clean fridge, a clean stash, two down, one to go


  1. oh, Myrna, your studio looks so pretty! i love the fainting couch, too :) my own stash would pry fit in two of those boxes on the top shelf, maybe three. it used to be about twice that size, maybe a bit more, as i had a lot of stuff that i was keeping more 'in case' - big old tees, old linen curtains, etc. that could be whipped up into serviceable clothing that i wouldn't love but that would do.

    But now i'm confident enough in my fabric choices, have found some reliable fabric sources (hullo Marcy T!), and have acquired some nice lengths. So i was happy to get rid of the 'what if it all goes to the bad place' stash. Much nicer to have it smaller, better, and more organized!

    "Many bloggers have already started sewing their fall wardrobe." I wonder about that. Like you, all of my seasons could stand to be better populated. Plus, around here we tend to get most of our 'summer weather' (as in hot) in sept. and oct., so fall is waaaaaaay off for us. But in the fashion world, they're whipping up the fall shopping frenzy, so i can see people starting to think that way.

    Good luck with your Bernina! ah, how we take our machine friends for granted, i will give my gal an extra pat today..........steph

    1. I have a fairly extensive stash but I'm okay with that. Other people collect pink elephants and rabbits or magazines or go to movies or smoke and drink or ______ whatever fills in their blank. I collect fabric on sale. Works for me as long as I have space and I'm not buying it on credit. It's mostly turned over into what works for me although there are some extra special - like from Marcy - pieces.

      Other than outerwear and the odd bulkier sweater or heavier bottom, I don't have summer and winter clothing. I have clothing that evolves over the seasons depending on what it's paired with. I'm okay with that too. Maybe I'll eventually get to two or more season but probably not. I've never been inclined in that direction either. Must be part of the minimalist thing.


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