Thursday, October 3, 2013

And Now Is Good

It's rare for me to start and not finish a project although it happens occasionally, like with this leopard print skirt started in March. The only thing left to do was the waistband and even so, it sat unfinished until now...

... and now is good... because it's sewn from a sweater knit with wonderful body and drape and feels absolutely fabulous on and now that the weather is cooling off, I can wear it.

The pattern started out as Katherine Tilton's Vogue 8837 although I changed the construction method considerably. Following the instructions, you press under the seam allowance on the front section and then overlap it with the back section and top stitch the two together. That created a lot of bulk along the side seams that my hips didn't need.

The point of that method was the shaping along the hemline which - if done as per the instructions - had a lovely overlapped look. I tried Katherine's method and it wasn't flattering so I unpicked the seams, sewed them at 5/8", pressed them open, and fudged the bottoms. It works. It's highly unlikely anyone will be standing that close to me and checking out the hem.

I also changed the yoke. If you follow the instructions, it's doubled with both edges sewn to the hip line and elastic at the fold line. Again, this created too much bulk for my figure plus it didn't allow for angling the waistband. If I don't accommodate my tipped waist, the front hemline of my skirt will dip down and that's NOT a good look. Using the elastic, I marked where I wanted the waistband and then measured and folded down 1" to create an elastic casing. It's a comfortable, flattering, fun skirt that - VBG - made it upstairs. It's hanging in the wardrobe.

When I stopped to buy white paint for the trim last week, the display in the front window was a mix of turquoise and lime that caught my eye partly because of the lime but partly because it was such a vibrant and fabulous combination. Later, when I got home, I noticed that the throw on the trunk in my living room has a similar mix of colors - lime, purple, green, turquoise - and that prompted me to paint a few walls last night - turquoise - with a lime one to go - and to plan a few other changes. It looked great last night. This morning I'm debating whether I like it enough to keep going so we'll see what happens next. I'll post pictures when - if - the job is complete.

And I started another skirt. I'm hoping to finish three, possibly four wearable skirts this week because I'm desperate for clothing. It's like my entire wardrobe completely wore out on the same day and needs a major overhaul. I thought I'd sew skirts this week, tops next, and then pants or cardigans the week after. The skirt is denim. The front and back sections are sewn together. I need to insert the zipper, pin fit and sew the side seams, add the facings, and finish the hem. I have an appointment this morning but hopefully I can work on it tonight and show you tomorrow.

Talk soon - Myrna

 Grateful - the ability to paint my own walls


  1. Those original waist instructions sound bulky for any figure, this is very flattering.
    Lovin the leopard print, you wild woman!
    You crack me up, "prompted me to paint a few walls" when I paint any wall its a dramatic weeks long event!

    1. Thanks. I agree. I think the original method, especially in a ponte, and my fabric is lighter than that, are bulky BUT... we sew... we can change things.

      LOL - yes... well... it appears I'm in the mood for significant changes. Painting walls seems minor.


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