Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Evidence Of Change

So far, this is not going in the direction of a successful sewing week. LOL - oh well. Some weeks are like that BUT... at least I'm learning things.

Here's the neckline without the collar. It's simple.  I think it'd be quite elegant on a little black dress plus there's potential to change the neck shape - say to a wide, shallow V.

The princess lines are nicely fitted and give great shape and even so, it's looking rather sack like on Millicent. The sides are pinned in an 1" from hem to underarm which means I could have cut down several sizes. I'm okay with that. It's SO much easier to take a garment in than to not have enough fabric. Although...

... this is the strangest fabric. It's VERY heavy and makes you think it's a ponte knit. You can even see what looks like the knitted loops only there is absolutely no stretch in either direction and it frays like crazy. And pulls. The pulls in the image above are at the bottom of the zipper with a fresh needle, not that anyone would notice them in such a busy print. AND...

... it feels like plastic. And it's full of static and clings like a second skin. And just trying it on is uncomfortable enough that I know for a fact this is definitely not a dress I'm going to love - in fact I don't even love it enough to finish it - BUT... it is great as a muslin because so far I really like the pattern - Vogue 8886. Along with everything I listed yesterday, it has a nice curve through the waist and hip and a shaped center back seam. It's worth perfecting. I'll sew the sleeves in, decide if there are any other changes to make, alter the pattern, and try again with a different fabric.

For my artist's date yesterday, I went to the Re-Store, a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity. I found this coffee table for $5.00. It just needs some glue to strengthen the wobbly legs, filler in the scratch on the top, and a coat of paint. It's perfect for beside the couch in our living room AND...

... this poor sad but definitely an antique armchair was $20.00. It's REALLY heavy. Thankfully they loaded it into the car and I only had to "walk" it from the trunk to the house. I already have some firm foam left over from recovering our couches that I can use to make a new cushion and then I'm going to paint it and the chair as per this tutorial. I haven't painted fabric furniture before but I think this piece is worth the effort. Apparently, you have to be patient. Hmm... so true with so many things.

What I found particularly interesting about yesterday was the evidence of change. I bought the fabric at least ten years and two houses - possibly fifteen and three house, I can't remember - ago and I've lugged it around and stored it ever since only to discover I don't like it at all. Did the me back then who bought this fabric really like it or did she just see the price because if so, what looked like a good deal wasn't. Since I've returned to sewing fashions full time, I've become a lot pickier about the fabrics I want to sew and wear. All this time later, this fabric would never have come home with me and I'm glad to have finally used it for something and opened up space in the stash for a better choice. 

Back then, the chair would never have come home with me. It doesn't look at all pretty and the cushion sags right down into the seat and the fabric is dirty and needs cleaning and is - in my opinion - a really poor choice of design and color for this style of chair and the wood needs oiling and re-staining BUT... if you look past the surface to the bones, this is a solid chair, the fabric is smooth without tears and completely paintable, the cushion is easily replaced, and with a little time and effort, this will be a fabulous chair. The one everyone argues over sitting in... because they already are... and I haven't done anything yet.

I'm thankful for this evidence of change. I think the new me knows more about who she really is, is far more decisive, and definitely more interesting.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - great thrift store finds


  1. I'm glad you like the dress pattern - I have it as well, there's just something about it (and Vogue didn't do any favours doing it up in Pepto-Bismol pink!!! on the website ;-p

    LOVE the chair - I would definitely fight you for the right to sit in it! It looks like the perfect chair for curling up by the fire with a good book, an endless mug of tea, and an opera playing in the background :-)

    1. That Pepto color and the way the pants don't fit at all weren't too attractive but the style lines are fabulous. I'm glad I've learned to look at the line drawings. LOL - similar to seeing the chair.


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