Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Guess I'll Go With The Green Then

Typically when I'm at Starbucks journal writing, it's a quieter crowd, more prone to reading and writing than anything else only I went much later in the day yesterday and ended up sitting next to a group women, one of whom was incredibly vocal about the wonders of her latest diet plan.

As I listened to her go on and on about how the sacrifice would be worth it and which foods were allowed or not allowed and which strategies would help them overcome temptation and how they would each need to stick with the plan and then stay on maintenance for life... but that's okay... because they'd look amazing... I was having trouble buying that when the conversation veered over into a discussion of all the diet plans they'd tried over the years that didn't work. They'd gained the weight back.

I wanted to butt in and point out that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results but I was absolutely sure they didn't want my opinion. They were all ready to put down a serious chunk of change for the hope of being slim. And then - LOL - the barista came around with samples of pumpkin spice latte and pumpkin scone and they all had one. Hmm... keep your money honey.

Listening to those ladies made me glad I'd come to some acceptance around the whole weight and size issue. Been there. So done. Some days I'm slim and some days I'm fluffy. This is life. I'd much rather eat cake than wear a size two. My weight fluctuates within the same ten pounds and has for years. Every once in a while a chunk disappears without much effort but it never stays gone and I don't want to go down several sizes only to come back up. That's just too frustrating. I've got this size figured out. I have clothes in this size. And as long as fluffy doesn't veer into extra fluffy, I'm okay with this. It's good and enough.

If my comments would have been welcome, one thing I would have said is dress the body you have. Wear style lines, colors, and textures that suit your body type, accessorize with personality, and walk with confidence and - LOL - learn to sew. It's a fabulous way to get exactly what you want... like another elastic waist skirt... which is perfect for the slim to fluffy variations in my waist measurements and really REALLY comfortable to wear. The fabric is the grey boucle-ish leftovers from The What Works Observations and The Lynn Mizono Jacket That Wasn't.

I'd intended to sew Kwik Sew 3549 until I pulled out the pieces and noticed that the godets start quite high up, above the knee. Without an extremely drapey fabric, that was likely to be less than flattering so I redrafted the piece to have a similar shape to the Burda 8213 skirt from yesterday with the godets cut on instead of separate. There are fourteen sections instead of eight. Each seam is sewn right sides together with the serger.

I'd serged off the 5/8" hem and was about to zigzag stitch with lime when my critic strongly suggested leaving the black, it was neutral, and would go with more things. Obviously I wasn't listening because next she tried to talk me into a different color - say blue or fuchsia - that would - again - go with more of my wardrobe. Besides, she said, wasn't lime green just a little bit out there for my age and didn't I need the skirt to stay neutral because I don't exactly have a lot of clothes. My response - guess I'll go with the green then. I am SO TIRED of playing it safe. I sew for Pete's sake. I don't need to play it safe. I can live it up. Sewing's a three-fer. I create, I'm entertained, and I get dressed. Moving on now.

I used the green. It looks great. The skirt? Only okay. I thought it'd go in the wardrobe and get worn occasionally except it hasn't even made it up the stairs and into the closet and I've already spent more time thinking about how to morph it into a jacket than about how to mix it with tops and accessories which means...

... it's not going to make it up stairs. It's going in the clothes to be recycled stash and I'm debating what to mix it with to add the bodice of this OOP Butterick 5145 coat. In my imagination, I've already cut up center front and added a button band, a waistband, and a pieced bodice. We'll see what actually happens but I'm pretty sure the skirt is about to become a cardigan, not this week but some time soon. LOVE that about sewing too. We're not stuck. We can re-create that fabric as many times as we want to into as many things as we can imagine. YES YES ! ! ! !

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - morphing


  1. Myrna, I am sad. I like that skirt. But you have to wear it so your call.
    Happy fall. Hope that your little grandson is doing well.

    1. LOL - apparently it really wants to be a cardigan because it's dancing up and down demanding to be next... and it's not... but soon... and hopefully you'll think it looks fabulous then too.

      My grandson is - of course - absolutely delightful.

  2. Gee....I like that as a skirt, too. But, if it really wants to be a cardigan, so be it! Can't wait to see how you work you sewing alchemy to change it from one to the other. I have a hard time visualizing that kind of alteration and would like to develop my eye (and sewing skills) for refashioning, so I'm excited to see what you do with this.

    1. It definitely wants to be a cardigan. It's already picked one go with fabric and is trying to talk me into some lime stenciling. I will try (really hard) to record my thought processes and take good pictures so I can (hopefully) teach a bit of the how-to... enough to encourage you at least. I'm sewing skirts this week but possibly I'll do that next unless the t-shirts win because it seems like my entire wardrobe wore out on the same day and I have "nothing" to wear.

  3. Change is the spice of life. Have scissors - will experiment.

  4. I too love the skirt - so much so that come winter time down under I may just copy it. But I guess when something so wants to be something else who are we to stand in their way!

    1. I think the idea has great potential. If I were to do it again, I'd pick a fabric with more drape and I'd define the shape more clearly with a greater indent under the knee so it was more form fitting and swishy at the same time. Mine definitely wants to be a cardigan though - VBG.


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