Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hemming Jeans

Jeans seem to come in two leg sizes - way too short or way too long - which means I'm always buying the long ones and hemming them. Before going to my daughter's this past weekend, I hemmed my newest pair. You might not know about this way of hemming jeans to save the original hem so I thought I'd detail the process.

Start by determining how much you need to shorten the jeans. For me, it was 2 1/2". Divide that number in half, fold the hem toward the right side, and measure that distance from the fold to the bottom of the previous hem line. In the picture above, the distance between the fold and the row of pins at the original hemline is 1 1/4".

Sew close to the original hem. I used the zipper foot to get as close as possible and, as you can see, the line of stitching is roughly 1/8" from the fold.

Make another line of stitching equal distance from the fold. I used the edge of my regular presser foot and stitched roughly 1/4" away. Trim just beside that line toward the fold so that you don't cut off the second stitched line. It will hold the layers together.

Finish the raw edge. I could have used the serger but it seemed less complicated - since I was already sitting at the sewing machine - to run a row of zigzag over the edge. I used a short, medium length, stitch.

Press the seam upward away from the hem. When I washed the jeans and hung them up to dry, I made sure that the seam remained in the upward position and dried like that.

This is a close-up image of the finished hem. That line of stitching is not nearly as visible when you're actually wearing them. From start to finish, this hem took less than fifteen minutes and is easy to do for this type of pant. You could also use this method on other casual pants but it wouldn't be appropriate for dress pants.

My daughter put this picture of my adorable grandson on her Facebook page so I'm pretty sure I'm okay to post it here. LOVE this picture. He's a little bit younger but it reminds me of a picture of my daughter taken when she was about ten months old.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - baby snuggles, family, safe travels


  1. I've seen this method before, thought it was genius and then couldn't remember how it works - so thank you! And your grandson is delicious!

    1. YEAH - glad you have the info now. It makes hemming so quick and easy.

      Yes... my grandson is terribly adorable... although... of course... I'm biased.

  2. Great tip, thanks for sharing it. In case you sometime do not feel like hemming yourself, I believe Lands' End hems for free. I always have trouble with heavy seams such as in jeans, even with a hump jumper. Your grandson is beautiful.

    1. You're welcome. Moore's in town will hem jeans as well although it's $15-20. We don't have a Lands' End anywhere near me that I know of. I'm not even sure if they are in Canada.

  3. Good to see you online today! Thank you for explaining that hem option. What a brilliant idea! I'd heard of it but couldn't wrap my mind around it until reading your description and see the great photos. The last one especially helped.

    This weekend I learned I will be a grandma for in late June. Yeah! Our son & his wife will be the first of our kids to become a parent. I can relate a little now to you sharing your grandson, because I want to share my news to everyone I see. Cannot stop grinning. :-D

    1. Glad the photos helped. It's a nice quick method.

      CONGRATULATIONS. How exciting. I know what you mean about wanting to tell everyone.

      I imagine you're thinking about what to make. I haven't finished the coat with his name on it yet. I plan to redo it early November so they can take it back with them in December when the come to visit BUT... when my daughter was first pregnant, I sewed her a dozen large receiving blankets and she wasn't too excited. I chucked silently because I knew and sure enough, once he was born, she loved them. This past weekend she was telling me how she'd need more if they have another child. Too funny but a great gift especially when you can watch for flannel sales.

    2. I will sew for this baby but am waiting a bit to see if baby is a boy or girl. Thank you for the tip on making receiving blankets. I can sew some in fun colors while I wait to see if I'll be making blue or pink things. :-) Carrie

    3. It was fun to pick the prints. I did one that was definitely girl and one that was definitely boy and then picked more generic patterns for the rest.

  4. Thank you for sharing this! I saw your post, then used the technique to hem my sister's jeans last night. Super easy.


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