Friday, October 11, 2013

I Read A Book

... when you're clear the world responds with clarity. It responds with the same degree of clarity that your consciousness is operating in. It's very magical. I do think it's a gift from God. - page 194, Creating A Life Worth Living by Carol Lloyd


... what you can't do, God can. The first step is to recognize this very truth, when your ability ends, God's ability begins.  - - -  If you search your heart for what you like to do, you'll see that God has placed desires in you. No matter what your vocation, God wants you to be involved in using your gifts to help others and influence your world. -
 pg 26 and 30 - You Are Made For More, by Lisa Osteen Comes

My friend Ruth is in town and came for birthday dinner. She's on a sabbatical because, like me, she's dealing with some stressful issues in life. Not the same issues but a familiar stressfulness. After dinner... when the guys headed off to watch a movie... we talked about the importance of keeping our brains active and of the problem solving tasks - like sewing and knitting - that are good for that purpose. She asked me if I sew everyday. Sort of.

I do sew most days but not every day - like yesterday. In-between appointments and birthday events, I read a book... a light and fluffy romance, purely for amusement. I do a lot of reading and sewing and you might think that's a blessing however, when the thing you love is the thing you can do all day, there's an unfriendly edge there - for me at least. I want to fill it out and give it more depth, purpose, and a point of my choosing only it already has depth, purpose, and a point that is different than the one I'd imagined.

Both Creating a Life Worth Living and You Are Made For More are books about finding and living into your passions and purpose. The second talks about the law of attraction and the power of positive thinking and affirmations from a Christian perspective. I read a lot of books like these and all of them talk about fallow waiting periods or about the times when you devalue what you're currently doing because you're wishing for something in the past or hoping for something in the future. That, in my opinion, is easily done and a waste of time and it's not how I want to spend my time so...

... for the past few months especially, I've been thinking about the gift of time and the gift of limitations. I can go into my studio and I can create and I can stretch my creative abilities by making do with the supplies I have and I can grow my creative abilities by reading the books in my library and implementing the lessons there and I can share what I've learned through writing and every day, I am doing the things that I believe are a part of my passion, my purpose, and my destiny. That's a gift and even so...

... it's been an interesting journey to embrace the gift and I don't think I'm using it as wisely as I could yet - although I have been getting better at valuing it - most likely because I've stopped resenting it or wishing for something else. When I started my business years ago, I wanted to be a big name and now that's the last thing I'd want because I definitely don't want those demands on my time BUT those demands do make you more productive whereas an endlessly open schedule has insufficient pressure. And so...

... in my studio, I'm working at appreciating the gift of time, at learning new skills and abilities, at sharing what I learn with those who also want to learn, at using supplies that have been stored for years but never opened, at cutting up fabrics that have aged in the stash long enough, at re-reading and re-applying the information in the books in my library, at connecting with friends who share my interests, at challenging my design skills through more refashioning, at not over thinking, and at applying enough pressure to push and not enough to overwhelm.

What are you working at?

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - time and... this weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving. We have another birthday celebration tonight and then again on Monday so I'm thankful to not be cooking a turkey dinner as well - LOL.

Edit - Sunday - I removed a portion of this posting because it didn't clearly communicated what I had wanted to communicate - the thankfulness for the gift of time - and instead took things in the wrong direction. Perhaps that's wrong. Oh well. It's also one of the advantages of blogging. You can delete what doesn't work, which I did, including the comments because they no longer made sense.


  1. Well said ;) like you i no longer work and although i dont have much money, i do have time, which i am enjoying 😄
    I so enjoy reading your posts, thank you

    1. Time but no money and money but no time are always interesting combinations. Time and money seems perfect but I bet when it actually happens there's a flaw. Glad you enjoyed the post.


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