Thursday, October 10, 2013

It's Not Neon Yellow In Real Life

Yesterday morning, I finished the muslin and then pinned and tucked the fabric until it fit the way I wanted and then I transferred those changes to the paper pattern. It's amazing what significant improvements to the garment slight differences to the pattern can make. First, I took a 1/2" vertical tuck from underarm to hem on the side back and side front pieces and then, I raised the armhole 1" but only took 1/2" off the cap height on the sleeve. I also removed 1" of hip depth and added it back to the finished length plus an additional 2" to equal my favorite knee length.

In this image, the princess seams are sewn together plus one shoulder. The other is pinned. I found the neckline in yesterday's image too high and choking looking so I reshaped it into this shallow scoop. I don't think the V will show much since this fabric is a knit and I'm going to bind the edge. In a woven, it'd be easier to maintain the shape.

I'm always intrigued by the color of the wall behind Millicent. It's not neon yellow in real life. In fact, you can't actually see much yellow in it at all. It's more of a blue based lime. What color is next to what color plus the angle of the light has such an impact on color. I've been doing some work in our living room that's not quite finished yet so there will be more details to come however...

... when we first moved in, I painted the walls Pasture Green which is a mix between my favourite lime and Howard's favourite hunter green. The picture above and the picture below where taken seconds apart. The living and dining get north light which any artist who comes to my house raves about. Looking into north light is rather harsh and darkening BUT...

... when it's behind you - such as painting with your back to the window with the light falling on the easel - it's fabulous for showing true color. My goal with repainting was to make the overall area brighter, to make the painting in the dining room and the one over the fireplace stand out better against the walls, to add variety, and to brighten the entry way in particular.

I chose a double split complimentary color scheme with shades of lime to turquoise and shades of pink to purple. The image above is of the 3 in 1 color wheel. It's THE best color wheel I've ever used and available from Dharma Trading. The numbers beside the color refer to the card number. When you go to that card...

... it shows a full range of tints and tones and any of these shades mixed with any of the other shades will create the color scheme you're looking for. It's fabulous for knitting, beading, sewing, decorating, quilting, textile art work, painting and... and... and... I highly recommend it. SO...

... I painted the dining room wall and the wall with the sliding glass doors turquoise - a shade Benjamin Moore refers to as Lake Blue. Looking toward the window it seems darker than it is and...

... looking back from the window it's a lot brighter than it really is. Imagine the color as somewhere in the middle. When my friend Francine was over yesterday, she said that's so you. VERY fun and vastly...

... different from the previous owner. I had a hard time not laughing when she told me that if I bought this unit I wouldn't have to make any changes because she'd already done everything. Our tastes are not at all the same. I'm working on the fireplace view right now which - along with a busy week - is making sewing even slower than slow. I'm hoping to get the dress done by tomorrow morning only...

... today is Howard's birthday. He's 55, an age he never thought he'd see with his health. This is good. If he retires at the typical age of 65, that's ten years from now so we've been having some discussions about what we want to do in retirement and what does your list look like and how does it match mine and what compromises do we need to make to get what we want to get and do we want to wait to do those things or should we make some changes now.  As you can imagine, this is more my type of conversation than Howard's so it's been a bit tough going but I think it's a positive conversation to have especially in light of the shake-ups that are happening at his work. IF we're going to make a major change, now is probably a good time. But not today...

Today, we're celebrating.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - 55


  1. Happy Birthday to Howard. We had those retirement talks and are finding that we are having more of them. Good, positive talks about what you want to do, how it will look, and revisiting those discussions are good.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I do think it's important, especially if you discover you don't have the same vision. That's happened to friends.

  2. Happy Birthday, Howard!

    I like the wall colour - very Myrna indeed! :-)

    1. Thanks. It's a very happy color. I like the way it perked things up and added some variety.

  3. Happy Birthday, Howard.

    Retirement talks...He wants to travel the entire U.S.A. towing a motorcycle.
    I want to take small road trips during the spring, summer and autumn.
    I have lived in the Cincinnati area for almost 35 years. I don't really know what is available, but local road trips my be what we will need to do. Have you checked out all the special places around your home?
    I would love to take a one or two week trip to travel all of Michigan. I grew up there and would love to show it to my DH. Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, Hartwick Pines state park and Logging Museum. Mackinaw Island with the Museums and the longest front porch on the Grand Hotel. There are so many places.
    I really appreciate your use of color charts and the color wheel to choose paints. I need to apply that to my home as some of the paint is the original from 1979.
    Blessings and have a great day.
    Karen W. in S.W. Ohio

    1. AH... I'd be interested in how you're working out the differences in vision. I'm not big on travel except to take workshops or visit friends or meet new people. I know one of the thing Howard wants to do is go on a 3-6 month mission trip to Guatemala where he currently goes for several weeks a year. So NOT me. I'll have to plan six months of classes and visiting to fill in the time - LOL.

      I think you'd love the color wheel. The information on it is fabulous.

  4. Happy birthday H! Have a wonderful year!

  5. Please tell Howard, Happy Birthday, from your readers and me!

    I learn so much from your blog. Not just fitting and design but other things like paint color ideas and color wheel inspiration to retirement talks. We had one of those talks ourselves this week. My hubby hopes to transition from full to part time starting in 2 years. Yikes, not sure I am ready for that. Yes, more talks are needed.

    1. I'm glad you learn a lot from the blog. I love sharing and I'm thankful to have readers to share with. If all goes well health wise, we have about ten years to retirement but considering that health might be an issue I think it's important to talk about these things now... plus find out if we're on the same wave length.

  6. Late birthday wishes to Howard! It was my DH's birthday also....who has retirement on his mind too. For me, it's farther down the road, but it's never too early to start planning. And especially saving.

    The wall behind Millicent shows as a lovely bright apple green on the monitor I'm currently looking at. I love the bold bright colors you are using in your home. I have a bad case of "what if I don't like it?", so haven't yet found the courage to make the leap. I think a large part is due to the way the colors can change so much depending on lighting. Also, DH doesn't like them at. all.

    I've only been reading your blog for a short time. I think I have many old posts to read and learn some fitting pointers and sewing tips. Thanks for taking the time to share them.

    1. Happy birthday to your hubby too.

      I used to live in an all beige house - beige walls, beige couches, beige carpet, off white cabinets, all beige - and that changed around twenty years ago. Something happened in my life that pushed me to be bolder. I used to cringe over the phrase it's only paint thinking what about the time and the money and the effort but I've come to see it is only paint and I can paint over it again if I don't like it because yes, it'd take some more time, money, and effort but, it's not permanent. If I don't like it, I can change my mind. I think the first place that I painted colors was in my studio. Now it's everywhere.

      Thanks for reading my blog and appreciating what I have to share.


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