Thursday, October 24, 2013

Just Add Color

A few weeks ago, I took pictures of my dining room, seconds apart, from different directions. Looking into the north light, it's harsh and dark. With the light at my back, there's a different brightness to the same scene. Very interesting.

One of the areas I wanted to brighten is our couches. When I saw this paisley décor fabric, I loved the bright colors and swirling shapes and...

... when I looked at the color strip along the selvage, many of these colors are already in my home so it seemed just perfect.

In retrospect, the couches should have been covered in a lighter fabric so they'd stand out better against the floor and walls. Oh well. It didn't happen. It's another didn't go as planned part of the move from you know where. ANYWAY... back when we moved in... and I had the couches recovered... I sewed two square and one rectangular cushion for each couch in the same upholstery fabric. They softened but didn't brighten the look.

Chapters recently had some turquoise pillows in their décor section. They are linen on the front, high end cotton on the back, have an invisible zipper along one side, and are stuffed with feathers in a separate casing. They were expensive however, when I calculated how much it would cost me to sew similar pillows IF I could even find the fabric, they were less expensive to buy than sew.

The two turquoise pillows brightened the couch considerably and for a while I debated whether or not to sew the paisley cushions only I'd wrapped bits of the fabric around throw cushions to simulate the look and when I took those away, it was obvious they were needed. The fabric picks up several colors around the room plus the purple/brownish shade of the couch.

This last picture of the couch was taken at the end of the day. The earlier ones were taken in the morning. Even with less light, you can see how much the cushions brighten the space. I sewed two square and one rectangular paisley cushion for each couch and it looks good and it's annoying to have so many pillows around. Already this morning, I've moved one square from each of the two couches to the floor.

Just add color is my plan for redecorating the main area. It's not a major make-over just a brighten up by adding color in bits and pieces around the room. So far, I've lightened the entrance way with lime paint, brightened the dining room with turquoise paint, am in the process of painting the doors a brighter white, and I've sewed the cushions. Good so far.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - that I can paint and sew and don't need to hire anyone


  1. Your "grateful" footnotes always resonate with me, Myrna... I seem to be ever more frequently cognizant of the many skills my parents passed along. A natural effect of approaching the age at which Mum passed away? The emotions are surprisingly comforting and profound.

    Mum and Dad bought a sturdy sofa and chair when they moved into their first apartment in Montreal in 1959. Over the years they taught themselves to re-upholster, and transformed the furniture many times during my childhood. Playing with the old fabrics is one of my earliest memories. Mum even sewed Hallow-e'en costumes from the re-purposed cloth!

    I love your project, and your series of "changing light" photos. The amazing interplay between our eyes and brain, which is the root of our enjoyment of visual beauty, has ever been a source of fascination for me. Thanks for sharing your reflections, Myrna!

    1. Thanks for sharing Monique. I'm glad my grateful resonated. It really is quite amazing the tricks our eyes play on us with light and optical illusions. What we think is there that isn't really. Photographs help with that but they also "lie".

  2. What a fun and fabulous shift! Isn't it amazing how big a difference a small change can make? (on so many levels....)


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