Monday, November 25, 2013

A Road Trip

My family moved to Kamloops when I was eight. Since then, I've moved around town a lot but I've never moved to a completely new town. It's something I'd like to experience and seems like it would be a grand adventure although I know in reality that it's more of a huge adjustment and quite lonely at times. I still want to try it.

On Saturday, I took a road trip to Revelstoke to visit my friend Francine. She moved there in the middle of October for her husband's new job and they're renting a small, out dated, really could use renovating but is typically rented out as a ski chalet, unit until they find a house to buy. Those owners are SO LUCKY because...

... Francine is not only a professional painter, she has an incredibly sense of style and design and in the past three weeks has been painting and updating and improving the space just so she can live there. It's still an ugly little rental unit on the outside but on the inside, it's already gorgeous and she's not quite finished. VERY inspiring.

At lunch, we discussed how Francine grew up. They lived on a farm miles outside of town in rural Quebec and yet decorating magazines came to take pictures of their home. Her Mom was an amazing decorator, had impeccable dress style, and was a fabulous cook. That describes Francine as well. I've always thought that when you're the second or third generation of a certain way of being that it's much easier to assimilate a way of life. There are many things I didn't learn growing up that I'm trying to learn now like being an artist or learning to cook more varied cuisine. It's harder but not impossible.

Revelstoke is about 2 1/2 hours away. The highway winds past lakes and through mountains and the drive is beautiful especially when the sun is shining and it's not snowing or raining... which is wasn't on Saturday... which was perfect.

This sign made me laugh. It's just on the outskirts of Kamloops as you're heading east. I love driving and especially by myself. When I get in the car and head down the road, I'm the only person I have to please and I revel in the freedom and irresponsibility. In my knitting and thinking time last week, I looked at the different choices I can make to have a bigger and fuller life. Getting out more was one. Love these confirmations.

Another conversation Francine and I had was about being widowed which might seem strange but I think it's one of those conversations that goes along with our age, menopause, and other realities of life. Francine knows two women who have been widowed, one a long time ago and one more recently. The first woman has remained stuck in the past and nothing in the present engages her. She's spent half her adult life miserable. The second woman grieved for a time and then redecorated her home, is taking workshops to learn new skills, has traveled to locations where she doesn't speak the language, and is interacting on a broader scale. We decided we wanted to be more like the second woman however, we're both introverts so at the same time we're thankful to have an art form that engages us.

Revelstoke does NOT have a fabric store. Obviously, there's no way I could live there - LOL - but Francine doesn't sew, she paints walls and fabulous paintings and the first thing she checked for was an art store. They do have one of those. The nearest fabric store is in Salmon Arm, about an hour away back toward Kamloops. On the trip home, I had half an hour before they closed. The piece above is knit, black and white, and paisley. It's darn near perfect.

In this stack, the fabric below the paisley is a linen, rayon, spandex blend and below that is a piece of grey wool suiting and below that is a black and grey striped dupioni and below that is a piece of black melton cloth that used to have a swirling black on black design only it washed out. I bought the linen blend and the melton cloth in Kamloops at the sale on Friday and my friend Patti gave me the dupioni so only the grey and the paisley came from Salmon Arm. LOL - I did only have half an hour.

Yesterday, I worked on the pajama pants for my oldest son. They're finished except for the elastic. I also started on a gift for my youngest son turning one of his favorite sweatshirts that no longer fits into a pillow. While I'm picking up elastic for the pants, I'll check for a larger, rectangular pillow form and see how big this pillow could be - LOL. He's a lounging young man, this should work and will - I hope - be a good surprise because he thinks the sweatshirt went to the second hand store.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - safe travels


  1. I am constantly reminded lately: You can't control what happens - but you can control your response. I hope I have that presence of mind if ever I find myself widowed...

    1. Yes. I may be weird but I find it helpful to think through some worst case scenarios and determine how I want to behave so that in the heat of the moment I act rather than react.

  2. Yes, moving is an adjustment and at times lonely, but it's also exciting and fun. And if you have kids/grandkids and attend church services, you'll likely find new people pretty quickly.
    I can't wait to see what you make with those fabrics.

    1. You definitely have experience. I think some people find new people pretty quickly and other personalities have a harder time. I don't have a problem talking to people so at least that's a beginning. Just finished the front of the skirt and it looks pretty good so far. Details tomorrow.

    2. I found a quote for the first widowed woman in your story: "life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it's about learning to dance in the rain." It came from this blog:


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