Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Changing Size Is An Opportunity To Change Directions

One of the very best things about sewing our own clothing is the ability to create them in a way that is exactly right for us whether that's an adaptation from RTW or altering a pattern. I've never been comfortable wearing cropped pants. They seem to me to make my hips appear larger than they actually are BUT...

... I loved these pants of Marcy's from the out of print Vogue 8712 so I added two inches to the length the first time I sewed them and below is what they looked like. Works for me.

I sewed these in July 2012 and I've probably worn them once a week since although I have to say that a huge factor for that is the fabric. Not only do I love the color and the style of the print, it's a very comfortable stretch woven. They're too baggy right now so I went down a size and cut...

... them from a polyester wool blend. The pattern is well drafted and goes together easily. Combined with a fabric that presses well and is a delight to sew with, this is a fun project to work on and everything is finished except for...

... fine tuning the shape of the back crotch curve. Above, I transferred the shape of the crotch from yesterday's pants only I should have measured the entire back crotch length because...

... the shape is correct AND I need more length. I remember spending quite a bit of time working on the crotch curve the last time I sewed these so I've made a note for future projects. If there are any. It seems very strangely to me - since my hips are my largest circumference - that I sewed the smallest size in the pattern envelope. That's not normal - LOL - and it's okay. The pattern is still available (at the far more expensive OOP price) and I'm tempted to buy it in the smaller size range because I really Really REALLY like these pants but I think not because there will always be new and fun patterns to explore. The way I see it, changing size is an opportunity to change directions.

I blocked the purple scarf. The yarn is a silk wool blend. The picture above shows the pattern better while the one below has more accurate color. 

Today, I'll do some more work on the crotch curve and hopefully finish the pants. I'll get an on the body picture as soon as possible and as soon as I figure out what to wear with them because they're only okay, especially in comparison to the other pair. While I like this grey fabric and the pattern, the combo is fairly low key and a bit blah. I'll have to see what I can put together for a more perky outfit.

AND THEN... I'm going to start refashioning the skirt that wants to be a cardigan.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - two days in the studio


  1. You are so cute! And you look so cute in your pants!! :)

    That yarn is beautiful as well.

    1. LOL - thanks. Those are the 2012 pants and I'm going to miss wearing them. The yarn was gorgeous to knit with. A silk component always seems to have a wonderful feel.


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