Friday, November 15, 2013

Just Before The Finish Line

When I sewed the bodice muslin, the sleeve hung fairly well. In the knit, it needed a lot of futzing which took up a considerable amount of time yesterday although I think in the end it was worth it because the sleeve hangs straight without wrinkles. I took a lot off of the front sleeve cap which is something to think about - perhaps it's an answer that will resolve sleeve issues on other garments.

I started by pinning out the excess around the front of the cap and then marked with chalk where the pins were before matching the chalk line on the sleeve to the stitching line on the bodice.

It seemed like an awful lot to cut off so I basted the seam and tried the coat on several times before finally cutting off the excess sleeve cap and stitching the seam for real. It worked and this is good - LOL - I didn't have enough of that paisley knit left for a new sleeve.

The cut off part was useful for making the same adjustment to the other sleeve cap and the lining sleeves. So far, I've decided to line the bodice and I'm debating whether or not to line the skirt although I'm leaning toward not.

With the sleeves taking far longer than anticipated, I didn't get a lot done yesterday although I did determine how to attach the collar band which then determined how to finish the button band and how to attach the lining. I'm working on those and then I'll play with collar ideas.

The lining is a polyester suede from the bargain center. I'm using the non suede side as the right side. It has weight, drape, and about 5% spandex to move with me... which is perfect... because the lining in the last coat I made has zero spandex and does not move with me and has already split and needs to be repaired. This is better.

Last weekend, my oldest son helped me move the studio around which included moving the work island from one side of the room to the other - a HUGE job.

My goal was to get the design wall back up. When I moved into this space, I didn't hang it up and I'm sure I could analyze the why of that and of wanting it back now but I'm not going to bother. It's enough that I wanted it and moving the furniture was the only way to get it back so we moved the furniture.

Besides the design wall, one bonus of this layout is having the work island right in front of the window. I'm able to enjoy the view a lot more and...

... the curl up couch is in a more cozy and private location. The layout is very reminiscent of my studio in our previous home. I have felt very comfortable working in here all week which means that even though it was a lot of work to shift around, it was worth it.

This morning, I need to clean house and this afternoon I have company coming. In-between and tomorrow, I hope to work on the coat and get it finished this weekend. There's not that much left although it's at that "ugly" stage of a project - the point where you've been working on it for so long that the wonder is lost and you just want to be done with it which - in my case - means moving a little slower and thinking a bit more carefully so I don't mess up just before the finish line.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - for a wonderful studio to work in


  1. I love your studio! What a gorgeous inspiring place to work! Wow!

    1. It is a lovely space. I'm very lucky to have it.

  2. "Ugly stage" - great way to put it. Your project is looking very nice, despite its stage. I can't wait to see it finished.

    Moving furniture can be so wonderful - it opens up energy flow (or something). Or maybe that's just what I say because I move our furniture around roughly every six months. We haven't lived anywhere long enough to see if I'm just improving the layout until it's perfect (and then it would stay like that for a long time) or if I'm moving furniture for the sake of moving furniture. Maybe after the Air Force we'll find out.

    1. The coat is taking a little detour. There's been something off about the button band - to my eye anyway - and I'm about to remove it and rework it slightly. A small detour. The lining is complete and ready to go in and I hemmed the skirt already so once I get back on track, only the collar is left... and any debates I'm having about more detail on the skirt.

      I've had times when I was able to move the furniture around frequently and I enjoyed that and then I've had times where things only seemed to work in one configuration. The layout of this house has some options especially in the living room and master bedroom however, in a room like the studio I tend to find the best flow and then leave it because there's a desirable rhythm to working that comes from that familiarity. I think because this space is now so much like the previous one which was in that configuration for almost ten years, it's like fitting back into a place of comfort. We'll see I guess.


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