Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Only In The Back

When I was visiting my daughter, she commented that my jeans were too loose and I needed a smaller size. Of course ! ! ! that's the way it goes. I hadn't planned on smaller sizes for my fall wardrobe. I'd planned on wearing what I had all winter only, it's not just my jeans - all my pants are equally baggy - and maybe this is a good thing because...

... yesterday was the first time in "forever" that I've actually sat down and sewn for any length of time and I enjoyed the methodical process of moving from start to finish. It helped me to focus and seems a better approach to dealing with "things" than developing fingerless glove patterns so I'm going to carry on sewing pants since - VBG - I need more pants.

In August, I sewed Marcy's out of print Vogue 8397, view A in a cotton check. LOVE them and they're a nightmare to press so this time I used a polyester blend.

The dreaded mirror shots. Sorry. That's the best I could do. The front is exactly the same size as the August pants and the back is two sizes smaller. Apparently, I'm losing whatever I'm losing only in the back. If I sew these again, I'll add at least an inch in length next time, possibly more.

This pattern has a fabulous crotch shape for my figure. It's more L shaped than J shaped and works great for a flat derriere. I plan to transfer it to other patterns, in particular the also out of print Vogue 8712 that I want to sew next.

Although this unaltered photo makes it look grey, the fabric is navy. I bought it in the bargain center without labels and tags and while it's reminiscent of tablecloth fabric, it looked like pants to me - LOL. When I was cutting out the pieces, I didn't attempt to match the pattern and it - sort of - matched itself all along the crotch seam. Good. Enough.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - more scheduled tests and a "relatively" short wait


  1. Nice pants. They give you the same silhouette as the dress that you made around the same time. Cool. I spent yesterday wholly in the sewing room too. First time in ages... It was great to hunker down and just focus on one thing, instead of the seemingly four thousand family crises that are flying around (actually just three, but they seem like four thousand. Why is that?). My thoughts are with you.

    1. Thanks. They're very fun to wear. I love all the discreet and not so discreet stares. Makes me laugh.

      Thanks for your thoughts. Sounds like you need a HUG too. Take care of yourself.

  2. I love these pants, and miss the ones I made from a crepe couture (a poly crepe which acts like a knit). Lucky you for losing weight :-)

    1. I'm not aware of that fabric - sounds like one I need to research.


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