Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Gardom Pillow

It seems like I should write some kind of gift alert only I'd be shocked if either of my sons even remembers that I write a blog never mind the address so I doubt the recipient will see this. On the other hand, my daughter does read the blog and that's good since this is the only way she'll see the gift. They are celebrating their first Christmas together with baby in their own home which I think is fabulous even though it's not here. However... just in case... Kyle... stop reading... you'll spoil the surprise.... oh.... duh... the title probably gave it away. Sigh... oh well... as you know, I'm not really the secretive kind although, as I told one friend, you'd be surprised what I don't say.

A few days ago when I was discussing the weather with my cousin as all good Canadians do, I tried to describe how the sun was shining under the clouds down the valley. It's this layer of fluffy grey with a bright light underneath that makes the river shine silver. Very pretty for gloomy weather. Yesterday, I managed to capture it so I thought you might like to see as well. This is the view from my living room and studio.

The Gardom pillow started with a sweatshirt my son bought when he worked at the bible camp as a councilor. It's a very high end cotton and has a lovely durable feel. On the front, I cut the panel as wide as possible and then cut as high up from the logo to the neckline as I could and an equal distance below. The pillow form is 13" x 20" so I then trimmed the width to 21" for half inch seam allowances. I thought a rectangle would be fun, a little bit different, and would fit in the armchair in his room but also be great for cuddling naps... which twenty-year-old men still have... actually twenty-year-olds seem to sleep a lot ! ! ! 

On the back, I cut off the neckline and the bottom ribbing and then trimmed the width to 21" and marked the two holes with an X so I could avoid them. I needed a finished length of 26" plus 1" seam allowance for each seam. From the edge to the line by the first X was 8 3/4". I cut the strip there, finished the edge with serging, and attached a black zipper and then I took the edge farthest from the second X and attached it to the zipper going in the opposite direction. And then...

... I stitched the zipper section to the logo section and measured 27" (26" finished + 1" for the seam allowance) from the cut edge and marked where to make the second cut. As you can see...

... it just nicely missed the second hole. If it hadn't, I'd have added another seam and hidden the hole within it. I still had the two sleeves and the hood to work with so lack of fabric wasn't an issue. The pillow tube has two seams and the zipper. I used black thread to top stitch the seams 1/4" away and to stitch the zipper.

Here's a detail of the seam. When the around portion of the tube was finished, I folded it right sides together and centered the zipper against the logo panel. That meant the two seams are each 1 3/4" from the "edge" and both show every so slightly on the curve of the front.

Finished, it's a very cuddly pillow made from a refashioned sweatshirt. He's not expecting this. He knows I'm making pajama pants for his brother and I measured his waist too so he may be expecting those. I had wanted to make a Koos inspired...

... men's shirt for him except when I showed him the picture above, he didn't like them... which totally shocked me... because this is so his style. Perhaps it was the blurry picture... or the inability to see it in a "me" version. I may have to make one just to make one and see if he likes it but later, after Christmas. I have a few other things to sew first. The embroidery store called yesterday and the lining for my grandson's coat is ready earlier than I expected and perfectly timed for me to work on that next. YES YES

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - yesterday, I drove half an hour out of town to deliver a gift to a friend. I wasn't sure if she'd be home or if she'd be working (which she was, in her home based business) so I included a note of explanation - an apology - in case I had to leave the gift on her doorstep. I over-reacted to something she said a couple years ago and then life got messy with the cancer scare and the move and we've been out of touch since. I've missed her and wanted to say I'm sorry. When I arrived, pre-note, pre-gift, she gave me a big hug and said she'd been thinking about me a lot lately and had missed me and then she phoned after her client left and we had a good chat and set a lunch date for the week after next. I'm so glad I went.


  1. LOVE that pillow !

    With regard to the second part of your post - isn't grace a wonderful thing ?
    I'm sure you will have a lovely time together.

    Jan x

    1. Thank you... and yes it is. We will have fun together. I can hear the genuine excitement in her voice around getting together and that's delightful.


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