Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Architectural Elements

My lunch yesterday was with the friend I mentioned a couple weeks ago, the one I needed to apologize to for overreacting to a comment she'd made. It was WONDERFUL. First I showed her around our new home and we spent some time looking at projects in the studio and talking possibilities and then we went for a long leisurely lunch and great conversation. Not all apologies go so well. I'm very grateful to have reconnected.

In the afternoon, I worked on the out of print Vogue 2971 Koos skirt, including the pockets, even though I rarely include pockets. I did this time because I was absolutely positive that Shams had said in her posting that the pocket was an integral part of the design only when I went to link the comment, it's not there. I must have read it somewhere else and it doesn't really matter. What matters is the skirt. If you haven't seen her version yet, go take a look. It's a gorgeous piece.

I did check the instructions to see what the pocket did and it looked like it might be included in the seam allowance - which would have helped to give that seam rigidity - only it's not. The edge of the pocket lays right beside the seam. I could see that from the instructions and inserted the pocket anyway just to see what it might do. I am lucky to have excellent three dimensional vision which I know is not the norm for everyone so I often hesitate to mention it in case I sound like I'm bragging - except it's true. I can easily see how these pieces go together and what they will become and that's part of the reason why I love patterns with architectural elements. They're a great mind game.

Here's the pocket in the seam. It's not necessary and I don't like the extra bulk it creates so I'll remove it and sew the seam shut before going on to the next step - the waistband. The pattern calls for a center back zipper and an elastic waistband. With all that ease, I doubted the zipper was necessary so I left it off until after all the pieces were together and then I pinned the center back seam closed and tried it on. Even though I went down from a size twenty to a twelve, I can still ease this over my bountiful hips. If I were to sew it again, I'd make a ten, possibly an eight. SO... no zipper, a narrow elastic waistband, the hem, and then I'm done. It's a very unusual skirt and my color combination is somewhat strange but I think I like it. I'm hoping to finish it today if I get all my shopping done first.

One of the things I did yesterday morning was hang this painting in the entryway. The side of it is actually fuchsia not red like it looks. The piece is a Christmas present from my friend, the painter. She said that she thought about me the whole time she was painting it which I find quite fascinating because she said the same thing about the one over the fireplace and they are vastly different. So intriguing. Apparently I'm changing or she sees the different sides of me. Too fun.

I've received two early Christmas presents this year and both are spoil me rotten gifts, far more than we normally exchange. The first is this painting which I know the value of from buying that one over the fireplace and the second is a trip to Sew Expo at the end of February. All I have to do is buy my own fabric and drive and that makes sense plus I love to drive. And yesterday, my friend bought me lunch. I know everyone is fluttering around taking extra care of me right now and how nice. It's such a wonderful gift to have friends. Be sure to give yours a big hug and a huge thank you for their support and encouragement.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - three dimensional vision


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