Thursday, December 5, 2013

Welcome To The World Coat - Finally

After a prototype and two tries in leather that didn't go so well, I have - finally - finished my grandson's welcome to the world coat. It's sewn in a size three frankenpatterned from Simplicity 2526 and Burda 9792 with a few extra seam lines thrown in for fun.

It's way too big and that's okay because he was...

... far more fascinated with the shag carpet than the coat. Hopefully when he's big enough to wear it, he'll love how soft it is and having his name embroidered on the inside lining. Since I have no idea how many grandchildren I will eventually have, I decided that I would make each of them something with their name on it - a personalized touch, just for them, not to be shared with a sibling.

The coat is sewn from black melton cloth with teal top stitching. The zipper matches wonderfully at the top...

... and is the barest of smidgeons off at the bottom. Naturally, we would focus on the bottom but I'm not going to. I'm going to focus on the wonderful play dates this coat will go on and the fun my grandson is going to have while wearing it. I told my daughter to not...

... hold precious. Let him wear it. Let him be a little boy and crawl and climb and tumble and if it gets so worn out as to be un-wearable, feel free to cut the lining out and save it... or not. The older I get and the more often I see a lifetime of held precious possessions sent to the second hand store, the more I think "use the good china" now. Wear it. Wear it out. Have fun. Make memories. Take a picture... or not. Good and enough.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - my e-reader broke in February and Howard thinks he now has it fixed - a feat Kobo couldn't accomplish - so I'm just deleting the preloaded books and closing every single book in my library which loaded unread as opposed to finished and then I'll sync it again and we'll see. I'm VERY hopeful.


  1. Cute baby to wear that nice coat! Fixed my 500.00 cell phone myself after Motorola wouldn't. Felt great!

    1. Thanks. Yes he is.

      So far, the e-reader seems to be working. I'm now at the stage of trying to sync and download. We'll see.

  2. What a lovely coat -- and beautiful grandson! I'm hoping to have little ones to sew for someday but in the meantime, I agree with you that enjoying precious possessions now makes more sense than saving it for the second hand store. Wish I had realized that earlier, but hey, it's not too late at 64 to take all the good stuff out! Kay

  3. Darling Baby, Dashing Coat! Idea for you and your daughter... Take a picture of your grandson wearing the coat or holding it each year around the same time say in front of the Christmas tree or something stable like a door, so you can watch the baby become a toddler, a boy, a young man, and so on with that coat for as long as it's fun to do.

    On another topic - How would you like to have a professional give you input into what clothes look good on you, what to try, what to toss, what to sew or buy, etc.? I recall you wanting help a few weeks back with something similar to this. I saw on the blog called "Wonderfully Made", how blogger Lynne did this with a style professional. She includes before and after pictures, the process, and so on. If I recall correctly, it wasn't too pricey to do this and it's all done by Internet & pictures. Here's the first post on it if you're interested: The stylist's name is Ella of "Start in Close:
    personal style for (extra)ordinary women".

    1. I'll mention the coat idea to my daughter. I like the way you said for as long as it's fun to do because sometimes traditions like that can get old and other times they are just the thing you really want to do. I've bought a Christmas ornament for each of my children each year and my daughter and I decided now is the time for me to quit buying for her as she's starting to buy for her family.

      I would love a professional make over but not an Internet or read a book experience. I want an in person, big city - like New York - experience with someone who I know I like their work and would trust their advice. Like Stacey - LOL. I'll definitely check that blog out though because there's always more to learn.

  4. I hope one day im a grandparent,i had a home daycare for 13 years and it felt similar.We are so much more relaxed and not sleep deprived when we are not the direct parent lol.
    I can understand your feelings for the ereader,i received a kindle this year as a gift and im completely hooked:)
    Hugzz to you and your family!

    1. It's exhausting just having little ones around though. So much stuff and the need to always pay attention and interpret that cry and giggle. We are to have him for a week in the fall of 2014 and I'm already wondering if I have the stamina.

      I find with e-readers that most people either love them or hate them. I love them for text books but not for art or how-to. I'm really looking forward to this one being fixed as it'll make my study and journal writing easier with less to carry and more options to buy.

      Thanks for the hug.


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