Wednesday, January 8, 2014

At The Bottom Of The Stairs

Yesterday, while sewing in my studio, I listened to my carpenter working just a few feet away. He's told me before that he's in his element working on these kinds of jobs and you can certainly tell as you listen to him whistling, humming, singing, and talking to himself. He's very happy and every once in a while you'll hear a "sweet" or a "yes" as he finds exactly what he'd hoped to find behind that drywall. Celebration. Such an essential part of life.

The thought occurred that the carpentry work he's doing isn't so very different than the refashioning work that I'm doing. Both of us are evolving an old surface into something new and different. I like that. It's good. I'm having some "sweet" moments of my own.

The image above is the view from upstairs looking down the stairwell. It is MUCH brighter than it was before Garry started working because the wall in the hallway downstairs had already been removed when I took the picture. Once it's back, much of the light will disappear but not all of it because now...

... the door at the bottom of the stairs is gone and the wall is cut back and will be replaced with a railing. It's SO MUCH BETTER than...

... the dark hallway and stairwell that were there previously. This opening was closed off before. The metal support post is the corner of the hallway. The opening to the right of it above will be the new doorway to the bathroom. The opening to the left along the hallway is the doorway to the bedroom, and from the post forward will be the wall between the bathroom and the bedroom.

The original door was down by the bathtub in this image and opened from the bedroom plus there was a closet that extended into the bathroom from the bedroom. You can see the framing line left on the floor. Now, there will just be a wall - no openings - between the bathroom and bedroom making both rooms much more useful and the bathroom will be large and accessible. LOVE it ! ! !

I know I said that I'd write some more about my thought processes today. I definitely will do that tomorrow but I was so excited about this change that I wanted to share. And... just in case... to tide you over... a piece of eye candy found on Pintrest. I have no idea where it's from but isn't that a gorgeous sweater? It gives me ideas. I need to make a new favourite sweater and new and favourite are hard words to string together ahead of time.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - light and openness

Luke 12:48 - From everyone who has been given much, much will be required.


  1. LOL! Yes...when you said that you needed to make a new favorite, immediately I thought, "How can you do that?" Then your next statement clued me KNOW that knowing it will be a favorite ahead of time is impossible! Oh, how I wish it wasn't. Wouldnt it be great if we could KNOW ahead of time which projects are worthy of our time and talents (and supplies!) and which one we should avoid?!

    1. To make a new favourite, I figure I'll analyze what I love (and don't) about my current one and then make my best guess. That's probably as good as it can get. There are times when I think it would be great to know which projects are worthy but there are other times when I learn so much through a push and shove journey that I wouldn't want to have missed it so I'm finding it valuable to learn when to push through and when to quit. Quality of the fabric is starting to more and more heavily influence that decision making process for me. If I'm investing in a garment with a fabric that is not performing, I'd prefer to stop now rather than regret it later.


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