Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Elements Of The Opposite

Yesterday, my contractor was back to continue work on the downstairs and even though he's so happy while he works it's still noisy, dirty, dusty, invasive. I'd asked him not to come on the weekend because Saturday was my only day to be completely alone for the next three weeks. I'm glad I did that. I enjoyed the quiet, the space, and finishing up this little dress.

To give it a pop of energy, I added elements of the opposite, the complementary color yellow-orange. I loved these buttons with their grid-like design and shiny surface. To match the color, I mixed red and gold paint and added water to thin it down so I could...

... paint four meters of white, eyelet lace. You can see in the image that there's a bit of a shimmer to the lace. The gold was a metallic paint.

I wanted the inside of the hemline to be neat and clean and I didn't have serger thread in the correct color so I stitched the lace right sides together and then stitched again 1/8" away and trimmed close to the second row of stitching and then I turned...

... and zigzagged along the hemline just above the lace from the right side. On the wrong side (above) it nicely finished the edge. I used a needle to tie off the ends and pull them into the center of the button band rather than back-stitch.

Once the hem and the buttons were complete, I thought the collar needed just a little something more to tie it all together so I...

... wrapped crochet cotton around a toilet paper roll by loosely wrapping it and then snuggling it up close. This turned out to be way Way WAY more thread than I needed. LOL - oh well. More for later.

Once the roll was wrapped, I thoroughly drenched it with yellow-orange paint and then...

.... left it to dry - which took quite a while - because the cardboard was saturated with paint as well. Both the eyelet lace and the thread were heat set using an iron before they were sewn to the dress.

Here's the lace, the button, and the thread all together. I thought I did a pretty good job of matching the color especially as I had to mix the paint twice since I only thought of painting the thread later and hadn't mixed enough for both.

The thread was VERY stiff. I used pliers to pull it through the collar when making the buttonhole stitches. I'm really pleased with how the dress turned out and - VBG - apparently calling it the twirl is not going to work because it doesn't make sense in most sentences. I'll just have to decide as I go along whether the version I'm working on is a sweater, a dress, or a coat. This one is a dress.

This morning is my weekly creativity get together. Tonight the "boys" are coming for dinner. In-between, I have a few errands to run but there should be some studio time although I'm starting to make packing piles. I'm leaving Friday morning to go to my daughter's for two weeks (no blogging) to snuggle that delightful grandbaby of mine and paint their new home. I don't want to start anything long and involved right now and then leave part way through so I'll pick something soothingly simple.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - days alone

Galations 6:9 - For in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

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