Thursday, January 2, 2014

Harder At Home

On New Year's Eve, I went to bed early, fell asleep repeating affirmations, slept seven hours without interruption, easily returned to sleep, and woke up rested and ready to face the year.  I am beyond determined that this is going to be a fabulous year and committed to doing all that I can to make it so even with the ebb and flow that is an inevitable part of life. I'm plan to work around that - LOL.

Day one started with my usual, comforting, stabilizing routine. I wrote the blog, read blogs, took a bath, did my hair - in a good hair day kind of way - dressed in a creative outfit that gives me confidence - the Koos skirt - put on a sparkly piece of jewelry, wore my favorite feel flirty heels, and went to Starbucks to journal. YES YES ! ! ! ! !

I'm intrigued with how much I'm enjoying Imagine Big by Terri Savelle Foy. I'm reading it slowly, just a little bit at time so I'm only on the fourth chapter and already it's having a tremendous impact. In particular, I'm enjoying the biblical aspect of the book because while I've always believed these principles had a biblical foundation, so often visualization and dreaming are frowned on as anti-church. That perspective strikes me as limiting and I love knowing that my God given dream has a God provided path.

When I first started reading, it seemed like the wrong book at the wrong time however, I believe there was a reason why it vibrated off the shelf and demanded to come home with me. God wanted me to read this book. Keeping that perspective in mind, I am following the advice of the author and creating a dream book with a page for each dream that includes a detailed description, imagery, and a plan of action and I'm following her advice to keep the book front and center and review it daily. Each morning, I take the dream book with me when I go to journal and read through and pray over the pages and that has turned out to be a key point. I've done goal setting and vision boards in the past but I've never incorporated reviewing them into my daily routine and what a significant difference that makes.

At first, I wrote a lot of things down, almost like a stream of consciousness. It was a good beginning and then, as I reviewed and prayed over the pages each morning, and my belief that these goals and dreams would actually be accomplished increased exponentially, that lead to questioning which of these are goals or dreams that are a wish and not as important to me as I thought and which of these are truly God given goals and God given dreams that I definitely want to achieve and - if so - do I really want to achieve them in the way I'm asking? Wow ! ! !

I'm not done creating all the pages and I'm still fine tuning the ones that are started, rewording them for greater clarity, eliminating some thoughts, and shifting or adding others to be sure that I am saying exactly what I want to say. That I keep changing the pages doesn't bother me. I think it's part of the process, a result of answered prayer - the greater clarity - and this is good. I've read many dreaming, visionary, goal setting books and what I'm learning from this one is powerful. I highly recommend it.

Three of "our" four boys were home for dinner on New Year's Eve. We each took a minute to say what was our best part of 2013 and what we were working toward in 2014. For me, I'm thrilled with the miracle of my grandson and I'm incredibly proud to have ended 2013 with all budget columns positively balanced, savings in the bank, no outstanding debts, and a plan of action for the new year that includes better money management and paying down our mortgage.

I love how once I outlined my goals, they started working together. Placed side by side, I can see that goals for my health, my studio, and my finances are on the same path as goals for stimulating creativity by using what I have and looking for an "at home" solution first. I had a few experiences last year where I thought I truly looked for an answer at home and couldn't find it, went and bought what I thought would work, and ended up using something at home. I want to try harder at home first.

Yesterday, I needed buttons to finish the cream silk cardigan. I looked and looked in my button collection and - once again - it amazed me how with all the buttons I currently have I never have the right size or color or shape or enough of a particular button or enough buttons that go together to do what I want to do. I couldn't find anything that worked which meant going to Fabricland only they were having a sale - including the bargain center - and I didn't want to look at the sale, I only wanted buttons so...

...I took cash and disciplined myself to walk ten feet into the store, look at the buttons, get what I needed, and venture no further. No bargain center. When I got there, the store was closed; they didn't open for another hour. I planned to go back today only on the way home I thought just maybe I'll come up with a different solution, wouldn't that be fun, divine intervention and all. And I did. Silver, a color I hadn't even thought about. I love how when we're truly committed providence moves to enable.

To maintain the grocery budget, I want to learn how to meal plan. To avoid unnecessary studio purchases - say too many BMV or bargain center sales - I'm paying for supplies with cash which in turn assists with financial goals. To work on my health, I've borrowed a friend's treadmill so I can get back to running without hurting my legs this time. It's funny how much I missed it when I had to quit so running is back in the right after blogging and before getting dressed time slot that worked so well. And so on. I'm focused on thinking creatively, living outside the box, making choices based on how I work best, and using what I have. It feels positive and powerful ! ! !  This is what I love about those invisible date lines.

What are you working on this year?

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - feeling positive, energized, full of potential

Proverbs 29:18 - Where there is no vision, the people perish.


  1. You sound so pumped, Myrna! Your plan and process sound awesome and a good way to keep your goals in the front of your mind. I want to try to sew or knit a little every day (which doesn't sound like much) but with school/home stuff is sometimes hard. We'll see how I do.
    I'm the QUEEN of Meal planning. Here's an author/books I like; Sandi Richard. Here's her website I'm sure you can find her books at the library. Basically, the idea is plan your meals for the week first and then buy the groceries. I usually plan 5 nights out of 7 and we "scavenge" the last two. Or something comes up, etc. In an effort to keep us all healthy (and me from going crazy) I try to do a meatless meal once a week, eggs for dinner once a week and soup for dinner once a week. Gives me a framework to work with. And I write the meals out on a calendar (although in practice things sometimes get switched around) so that whoever is home first has an idea of the plan and can get things started.

    Good luck and hope this helps!

  2. So good to have you back posting again! It's the first blog I look for every day....and I'm always sooo disappointed when there isn't a new post that day.

    Glad to see you so enjoying that new grandbaby!!

  3. After reading what you said today, I bought Imagine Big...downloaded it to my Nook. Thanks!

  4. Reply to Jodie:

    I don't know about pumped but definitely feeling a bit more positive. I have a plan of action.

    Sewing or knitting or both a little each day is a fabulous plan. When I worked outside the home, I used to get up early so I could that before I went to work. Seemed to make the day go better. Good luck.

    LOL - I've heard of Sandi Richard. My daughter has one or two of her books. I need to plan my meals around my food issues as well. I like your idea of setting some criteria. Thanks.

  5. Reply to Mel:

    LOL - I'm glad you're glad I'm back. I'll be here for a couple weeks and then away for a couple weeks and then back again. I'm going to visit that grandbaby and paint his new house for his parents. 1800 sq ft. What a nice grandma am I - LOL.

  6. Reply to Judi:

    YES YES - let me know what you think of the book. I'm so intrigued by how different this one feels when I've read so many like this before. I think it's actually doing the work.

  7. some books just resonate .... glad this one has with you.

    I really like your "harder at home" ethic for this year. I think you'll find that rewarding on a lot of levels. Funny how limits can be inspiring.

    Oh, and can you come paint my home? ;)

  8. Reply to Jean S.

    I remember reading Harriet Lerner's book The Dance of Anger and not being able to get into it and then reading it again and finding it fabulous. Sometimes I think it's about timing - the right book and the right time - which makes this one especially fascinating.

    My year of play was somewhat similar to "harder at home" although it was limited to the studio - but I find these things spread - because what's good in the studio is usually good in all areas of my life. I love the way boundaries stretch our creative thinking skills. Helps to have a belief from having done it before.

    Paint... hmm... paint Jean's house, go fabric shopping, could be fabulous. LOL


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