Monday, January 6, 2014

Marcy On Millcent

Life took one of those this is the way it's meant to be shifts this weekend. Not bad. Just different. My youngest son moved out and Howard and I are in a new phase, alone, together, for the first time in twenty-seven years plus nine months plus a few days. And this is good. It's time to explore our individuality and our togetherness. YES YES ! ! !

However... stats being what they are... I immediately called my contractor to start work this morning on renovating the downstairs bathroom - just in case - VBG. The bathroom is currently accessible only through the bedroom and we'd rather the entrance was off the hallway. It's a minor change structurally but a huge one practically making the bathroom more useful for everyone while opening up the area at the bottom of the staircase.

I love light and openness. With the change, every time I walk up and down the stairs to my studio, I will appreciate the difference. It'll be bigger and brighter. I know a lot of people aren't highly influenced by environment. I am. It impacts both my emotions and my productivity. This will be a positive change.

On Saturday, while journal writing, I thought about what other changes I could make that would be positive and help me to attain my goals and about how those goals could work together so that I was moving forward and accomplishing in more than one area. I realized that an artist-in-residency was not the thing I need right now no matter how much I love Port Townsend. I already had enough alone time before my son moved and now I'll have even more. Instead of Port Townsend, finding a way to attend the Design Outside the Lines workshop in Oregon seemed a better way to push my creativity, provide inspiration, and aid in my goal to build connections with other creative women. SO...

... I looked up the dates and they are June 1st to June 5th which seemed a sure sign that I was moving in the right direction. When I was seventeen, I worked for a sporting goods wholesaler in a union position and part of our contract was our birthday off work. Ever since then, I have done something creative for myself on my birthday - June 3rd. The workshop not only brackets my birthday, it ends the day before our anniversary which means Howard can fly down and drive back with me and we can celebrate along the way.

I'm excited about attending even though it wasn't in this year's budget and is twice the price of the residency. I've paid the deposit and created a journal page to pray over and I'm trusting God to work out the details. It's going to be great. I'm already looking forward to the meander down and to what I'll learn and to all the fantastic creative conversations. YES YES ! ! ! 

If you clicked on the journal page in Thursday's posting, you would have seen my goal for sewing creative everyday wear along with a composite image that included a piece of my work, Diane Ericson's work, Katherine Tilton's work, and Marcy Tilton's work. These artists are inspiring and I am thrilled to be able to virtually explore what they have to offer and incorporate that inspiration into my own work. When possible, I plan to acquire a piece of each artist's work as a visual, tactile inspiration. Above is Marcy on Millicent. "She" has been hanging around since Christmas and what a delight it is to have her. Whenever you can, I highly recommend acquiring the work of someone who motivates and inspires you. Images are great and a real life, hold it in your hands, enjoy pouring over every detail, up close and personal, object is even better.

This weekend, I watched several of Diane's videos on YouTube  to refresh myself with stenciling on fabric. There's a great four part series that walks you through a lot of options. It's - LOL - more head knowledge. More procrastinating. This is all about starting, putting aside perfectionism, and playing and I know if I'll do the work, I'll learn how to do the work SO...

... with that in mind... I decided that painting and stenciling between projects was paying lip service to the goal. I might actually do it but it's still a way of delaying the inevitable when what I really need is to dive in. Since another two of my goals are to eat for my food sensitivities and to return to running and those goals will change my size and because I want to work in series, I've decided to work with my favourite Simplicity 2745 little girl pattern and this time incorporate refashioning, dyeing, stenciling, and painting techniques. One of the versions that I sewed in September incorporated a piece of stenciled fabric. That coat has since gone on to a new home and even so, it's a good beginning.

This cotton, taupe colored, cardigan is not at all in my - as in there is no shade of my - beige. When I tried it on, it didn't fit well. The sleeves were sewn in wonky forming a V shape at the top of the sleeve cap that pulled and the left sleeve cap has a hole. Since I wouldn't be wearing it myself, I decided to over-dye it with royal blue and respond to that beginning as part of yet still another goal...

... to make and take a selection of the twirly coats/dresses/sweaters that utilize surface design techniques along with me to Oregon to get feedback on my work, to illustrate my progress, and to push actually doing the work so I stop procrastinating. Of course, it's an internal goal. Diane has no idea and the other participants don't even know they're my classmates yet BUT... perhaps an internal goal made public on the blog will do the trick AND... hopefully... I'll feel confident enough by spring to sew some Myrna size, surface designed, pieces to wear at the workshop.

Today, I will create a page for my dream book about dyeing and stamping techniques with pictures of work that inspires me and a wording that supports my goal. It's amazing how much progress I've made in just a couple weeks on the goals that are already in the book. Reading the dream book every day and praying over it is VERY powerful.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - the perfect date for the workshop

Hebrews 11:1 - Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.


  1. Hi Myrna, so glad to hear that you will be at the Ashland DOL. I will not be attending the retreat, but I hope to "pop" in and say hello to everyone. I would enjoy meeting you and seeing what everyone is creating...

  2. Reply to Anna:

    OH - it will be fun to meet you. I'll definitely look forward to it. Let's be in touch closer to the date and discuss at least coffee if not dinner together. How close by do you live? I'd love to see more of you work, maybe even your studio she says boldly inviting herself.

  3. I am about 20 minutes from Ashland, and I really don't have a "studio". I have a sewing room, and for my art, a converted closet. Sometimes they overlap, depending on what I am working on. Yes, let's stay in touch. You can contact me through my website

    1. LOL - I don't have a formal outside the house studio but I call my space that anyway because I like what the word implies in terms of commitment and intent.

      20 minutes. Perfect. Definitely doable. VERY fun.

  4. Enjoy the journey, meandering can be so soul soothing.

    1. It can. Thank you. I love getting in the car with no obligations and just making my way. As long as I arrive on time - LOL - all is good.

  5. Internet Explorer and Blogger are still not getting along in fact Internet Explorer and Pay Pal are not getting along.Yesterday, I had trouble paying the workshop deposit and then I could get in to write a posting. It's all very frustrating but thankfully Google Chrome worked. Amazing how reliant we become on these things.


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