Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Simple Soothing Sewing

I had every intention of painting a book bag. I'd even started looking through my stash for an appropriate fabric only...

... on Monday, at Chapters, this bag was significantly reduced from completely ridiculous to more than affordable. It's faux leather, 15" high, 12" wide, and 6" deep in a denim blue color with one zippered pocket and one divided pocket inside and included a small zippered pouch like a pencil bag. Good and enough. I used it yesterday and it's perfect for now.

I'm sewing two new pairs of pajama pants for my trip. They are McCall's 2476 in the teal print above and in a purple print. Both pairs are very soft. This pair is completely finished and the other pair should be done today. I also refashioned...

... a pair of sweat pants into a pillow. My youngest son bought them last year at CreationFest when it was wet and cold and he'd forgotten to pack pants only they weren't quite long enough for him so he left them behind when he moved thinking that I could wear them only his hips are MUCH slimmer than mine.

It's amazing that one pair of men's sweat pants is not enough for a standard pillow case. I love the challenge of working with what I have but sometimes it takes a little longer to come up with an I didn't buy a thing, I had it all at home answer although most of the time it works out. This time, I couldn't think of a solution for filling in the missing fabric and thought I'd have to buy a small piece of fleece and then, when I was folding laundry and putting away my other pajama pants, I realized one of the about to be replaced pairs was black and white fleece and could become the back of the pillow. YES YES.

And... for the zipper... I was debating a buttoned opening because I don't typically have zippers this long in stash but I checked my zipper basket just in case and found a 31" length that I'd taken out of an upholstered couch cushion. I needed 27". It worked. My son laughed when he saw it but didn't ask to take it with him so I guess we've got a new comfy pillow for the TV room. YEAH.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - simple, soothing sewing

Psalm 37:5 - Commit your ways unto the Lord, trust also in him and he shall bring it to pass.

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  1. Isn't it wonderful feeling to find something like the zipper you need because you had the forethought...or were frugal enough to salvage a perfectly good one? I just love that! I take out the zippers from the clear bags that comforters/linen come in. One came in handy when my daughter asked me to make her a dog bed cover to prevent her puppy from chewing and pulling out the stuffing. That and some 'not favorite' bath towels made a lovely soft washable cover. Kay


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