Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tucked In, Belt, And Short Cropped

Have you found yourself doing what the Lord told you to do only to find it more challenging than you expected? Moving into the fullness of your destiny is rarely a smooth easy process. Being successful is not cheap. There is always a cost factor to consider. - You Have It In You, by Sheryl Brady

When I read the paragraph above, the last two lines especially caught my attention because they are true in so many ways beyond a strict spiritual application. I used to say that my career in creativity cost too much for too little and up until recently believed that time in my life was over. I've come to realize that neither the full cost nor the full return can be calculated nor is the time ever over until one has passed on because only then will all the dots of a lifetime be connected. What I am learning now builds on what I learned previously and will be added to by what I learn in the future and all kinds of opportunities are opening up that I hadn't anticipated. Our destiny doesn't always look like we imagined it would and life can certainly be challenging.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to visit my friend Rosemarie who lives just out of town. If you remember, she's the weaver who wants to learn about refashioning clothing. She's currently weaving a series of tea towels in lime, blue, and turquoise. Her work is incredibly even and the colors are gorgeous. There are several different patterns and when they are done, I get to choose one. Rosemarie says it's because I've been involved in the process and have helped and encouraged her all the way. LOL - I'm not a weaver. I say what a lovely gift.

There's something about helping others that will cause God to help you too. He'll work behind your back. He'll be pulling stuff together, even while you're struggling in the middle of your today. And if your heart passes the test, he'll make you a blessing while you're being a blessing. - You Have It In You, by Sheryl Brady

I am by nature a generous person but in my youth that generosity came with strings. I tended to buy - or attempt to buy - friendship. Although I think I'm aware now and well past that stage, this paragraph made me question whether I help and whether I help with the correct heart, no strings attached, no expectations of a return.

Women especially have a tendency to negate the things that we are good at as helping. Because I can sew, and because sewing is one of my favourite topics, I tend to view being asked for my advice as a gift rather than as helping. In my journal I asked do I help? and it was so funny how the answer kept popping up all day. If you wonder, ask. You may be surprised by the answer.

Rosemarie is refashioning a black and tan striped tunic. After a discussion of possibilities and process, her first steps were to remove the pockets, shorten the hem, and separate center front. She spent last week researching and thinking about her options for the next step and yesterday we discussed further possibilities and then played with the smaller stripe of the removed pockets as lapels and the black strip of the shortened hem as a center front band. Her larger than the t-shirt bust size presents a problem to resolve. When I get back from Sew Expo, we'll do some pin fitting and sewing in my studio. It might sound like I'm helping her but she's one of those people who just gets it. Her mind races and you can see the light bulbs go on and the clicks happening. To me, it's a gift to "help" that kind of energy along its path.

I forgot to show you these buttons that she gave me earlier. They are individually made from clay, fired, and machine washable. How fun is that?. The round ones are 3/4" across and the triangle is 2" on the long edges. They may go with the denim I bought in Calgary for the Vogue 8934 coat although that pattern calls for six 1-1/8" buttons. We'll see. Perhaps something could be worked out.

I tried my new pants on which several different styles of tops and liked it best with a simple t-shirt, tucked in with a belt and a short cropped sweater. That sentence does not sound at all like me - especially tucked in, belt, and short cropped - so perhaps February is about more drastic changes than a haircut - LOL. I traced the view at left of out of print Vogue 8323 and cut it out in a black and white print. I'll work on that today. Hopefully we can talk about the choices I made and why tomorrow.

OH... AND... Rosemarie has a rectangular figure type. She tried on my Vogue 8876 dress from Monday and it looked amazing on her. If rectangle is your figure type, go for it. Make sure the shoulders fit smoothly and the hem hits at a flattering point and oh la la - I bet you look like a million bucks. It's a gorgeous style.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - fun bits of confirmation that I do have a helping nature

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